6 The advantages of the hidden true.. between get the paid version free

Features application truecaller database include the phone numbers of hundreds of millions around the world, and its essential function to tell the user the identity of the caller.

Shows Caller ID card blue typically, as the number appears with a red card if a large number of users block the number on it is annoying or doing fraud.

It is through the settings app you can block calls and messages to numbers spam, with the option of receiving the notice after the blocking of any call or message.

Available truecaller free for download on Android andiOS, and there is a paid version offers many of the advantages of what is hidden as it is come:

1) call recording

Recently, came truecaller with call recording which you’ll find not a special section in the side menu for the application.

Settings feature, you’ll find that you can automatically activated to record all the call, or manually by clicking on the Register button that will appear during the call, have this feature trial for 14 days, and the Turkish people paid to use them after that.

2) backup contacts, Call History

Next to backup Contacts and call log, this feature saves a list of numbers that are blocked by them as well as the settings of the app you use, once you register your account on another phone, you can use what you copied.

Consider the reserve went to Menu > Settings > backup > version and then set the account to Google, which will be used by IT Service Google Drive.

To restore the backup after installing truecaller on a new phone or when you clear the app data, you’ll find the option Restore section of the backup, which will the registry calculates the Google, to complete the restoration process.

3) integration with other apps

Integrates the application of truecaller with apps such as WhatsApp user; to access a specific contact you will find accounts associated with them, including WhatsApp user.

And inside the profile of each contact, you can start a conversation or use truecaller to download other apps, for example clicking on the messenger icon, will open the account messenger for the debtor, although not the owner of the number list of Facebook friends.

4) search for the numbers by the camera

I don’t know why yet, but some of the users of truecaller available to them search for dance with the camera, with the option to present list side.

Using this feature they can search for number database app has direct camera phone at him, knowing that all users can search for number any phone by entering it manually.

5) Call me later.

If one of your contacts is busy with a call and is connected to the internet a red dot appears on the contact, you can send a notice to teach him to call you when the vacuum of the call, by clicking on the contact and choose the option that indicates it will be notice immediately after completion of the call.

6) get a copy truecaller free paid

Contractor response 1 friend invite you to use truecaller, you get a subscription for paid valid for 7 days. Inviting acts, head to the side menu and select invite friends, where you are sending the app link via SMS or other methods, but must use the friends link that you sent to install the app till you get to sign up.

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