6 new features up for your iPhone after installing the iOS 12, you know, we have

Revealed Apple recently announced the iOS operating system 12, which is the organization that provides a lot of features to users, which will not only improve performance but will also enhance the experience of application users, the following are the highlights of possible next phones EVO as follows:

Will will work with other applications

Apple has announced the new tests to her assistant virtual will, which allow the Virtual Assistant to control third-party apps without opening the users do not actually, users can also set their orders Sonic to run different actions.

– Safari will protect users from tracking on Facebook

To the Safari browser feature Intelligent Tracking Prevention that contribute to the blocking of the buttons “I like” or “share” means social networking tools to comment of track users without permission, where the Safari is now also simplified information about the system when users browse the web.

– Provide Google Maps on CarPlay service

Apple announced support for applications appointments to external bodies in CarPlay, which means that it can use Google maps with ease.

Called seen, there’s Memojis

Users can now create Animojis their own personality, and can be used within the messages application by choosing from a range of diverse characteristics of the formation of a unique personality.

– Make Group calls via FaceTime

Apple has announced one of the biggest changes in FaceTime, where users can now make Group calls with up to 32 people at one time.

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