6 Free courses as soon as the user experience design The UX of the best universities in the world

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6 دورات مجانية تصميم تجربة المستخدم UX من أفضل الجامعات على مستوى العالم

Believes the field of user experience design knowledge and test the UX Design of the most critical areas in the recent period, in addition to that of the areas of the new design except that it has also become the step of increasing importance in the development of any software application or web site, and depends upon, the success of any website or application, the experience of the use of the UX that determines whether the user will want to use this software or app again or it will search for an alternative.

To become a user experience designer and UX is excellent, you will need to master many of the skills necessary, for example you need to master engineering design the user experience in terms of usability Usability, and design based on user Centred Design, you also need to know how to use the tools of basic design, such as Axure, Mockplus, the Sketchand prototyping tools other. You also need to understand the process of web design and development as a whole. And need insight on the market with a note of the latest industry trends always. Must be good in analysis of patterns of user behavior, analysis of user comments and put them in the product design.

Mastering these skills requires plenty of practical training in addition to sufficient guidance from the experts of specialists in this sector, however, the educational resources in the industry user interface design are rare, and few people have the opportunity to get professional education in this area.

Can not guarantee the quality and professionalism of courses design the user interface offered by various institutions and individuals, so we offer you today a list of 6 online courses in the field of user experience design UX, which are offered by the best universities and institutions in the world, and all free!!!

1- UC San Diego – Interaction Design Specialization

This is the state of introduction from the University of California in San Diego and consists of 8 lessons:

  1. Design based on the human: introduction
  2. Principles of design: introduction
  3. Social computing
  4. Input and interaction
  5. User experience: research and prototyping
  6. Information design
  7. The design, operation and analysis of experiments
  8. Project design interactive, a show of skills, concepts and techniques that you have learned by presenting a scenario design user experience UX

This course is characterized by a high degree of evaluation amounted to 4.3 / 5. In these lessons the eight high-quality describes Professor Scott klemmer in a professional manner and methodology of how to create a good design of the user experience from the perspective of the theory of interactive design practice, cognitive psychology, user interface design, human-computer interaction.

In this session you will learn how analysis, research, user requirements, and how to draw prototypes, some UI design principles and strategies for design evaluation.

2. University of Michigan – User Experience (UX) Research and Design

This course is an introduction of the University of Michigan and consists of 9 classes are:

  1. Understanding the needs of the user
  2. Design principles associated with the human
  3. Introduction to user experience
  4. Evaluating designs with users
  5. Project work to the user experience
  6. UX design: from concept to Wireframe
  7. UX design: from Wireframe to prototype
  8. Surveys to research user experience UX
  9. Analyses and experiments online

Been publishing cycle user experience design this for the first time by the location of EdX in the fall of 2016 by the College of media at the University of Michigan. You’ll need to pay 1041 $ if you want to get a “certificate of graduation” is certified from the University of Michigan after completion of this course. But you can participate in this free course if you don’t need a certificate.

These include the state on the high-quality content, deep and at the same time there are a lot of exercises and practices pilot.

3. Don Norman – Intro to the Design of Everyday Things

This training course consists of 4 lessons are:

  1. Usability Usability icons
  2. The concept of model and image system
  3. Gap assessment and development
  4. Final project: design the user interface (UI) for the time

This course is delivered by a source known to don Norman Don Norman, and focuses its content primarily for chapters I and ii of his famous book The Design of Everyday Things. If you don’t really want to read the book, you can follow this training course.

Will increase your this course with the necessary knowledge to start identifying the role of design in today’s world, and begin to make decisions better design in your own life. In addition to learning basic design concepts such as affordances numerology, you will gain experience in observing and applying design principles.

4. Georgia Institute of Technology – Introduction to User Experience Design

This training course consists of 5 lessons are:

  1. Overview of user experience design
  2. Requirements gathering
  3. Design alternatives
  4. Prototyping
  5. Ratings

This course is offered by Dr. Rosa Arriaga Rosa Arriaga, a preeminent scientist in the field of interactive computing Georgia Institute of technology. The main target audience of this course are those who have heard the word “user experience (UX)” but they don’t know the details or who have little knowledge of it.

Session will commence from the basics and exactly the reason that design is a systematic process and depends on the data, how to employ technology and design to serve each other, and any kind of design can satisfy the users, and how to judge how to meet the needs of the user.

5. University of Minnesota – Design Better User Interfaces

This course is delivered by the University of Minnesota of America is composed of 5 lessons are:

  1. Introduction to user interface design
  2. User research and design
  3. Prototyping and design
  4. Evaluation of user interfaces
  5. Practical project to design the user interface

The course will help you learn systematically on how to understand the user’s needs and common ways to design, prototyping, how to use scientific methods to evaluate and choose designs for example: a pilot evaluation study of the user.

6. University of Alberta – Introduction to Software Product Management

This course introduction of University of Alberta Canada and consists of two parts:

The first part: management of software products – graduation

Part II: foundations of management software products

This course focuses on the importance of product management software and its role. As well as providing an overview of the specialty, as well as its objectives, structure and expectations. Illustrate the value of the work processes and requirements, planning and control in the production of better software.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Recruitment management software products to produce better software
  • Identify the role of Product Manager in software
  • Understanding how the impact of the principles of agile Agile -is one of the strategies for software development – to improve your projects.


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