6 common mistakes in marketing strategies content

It’s no secret how important content marketing and its substantial role in increasing the awareness of potential customers with the brand, converting them into customers the fact, but in spite of that there are many mistakes that are committed while doing the strategies content marketing.

In this article we will review six of the most common mistakes while designing marketing strategies content:

1 – rely on one type of content:

You can not in any way rely on published articles to text-only all the time, in spite of the importance of this type of content but it’s wrong the lack of attention to other types of content such as: video, graphics illustrations, images, competitions, and other other types.

Different segments of your target audience and followers have different preferences in relation to the quality of the content you interact with online, so you must choose their preferences by analyzing how they interact with different types of content, then give priority to the species most preferred.

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2 – put a time line on a long-term, produce content:

Doesn’t have to be the time span of a marketing strategy is the content too long, as they prefer flexibility and do not install under themes that will be about its content for several months to come, because of the flexibility in the development strategy will ensure that you take advantage of any unplanned events may occur in the near future.

Occasionally show new directions to attract the attention of people, and some of these expectations may be relevant as soon as the work of your organization, so try to find a place in your strategy for such expectations, and to avoid to restrict your plans to the themes of the fixed produce content for periods longer than one month.

3. non – exploitation of employees in your organization to publish content:

Note that there is a large percentage of staff at each institution they publish the problems related to institutions that are working on their personal accounts with social networking websites is different, and that in itself is an important activity to be exploited systematically.

So you should encourage employees in your organization share any of the content is important, it is the strongest ways to promote it is to include some staff in the content published by your organization each period, for example, can you imagine the videos of them talking about the advantages of a product or service that they help to develop them, or let them write a paragraph in some articles about their field of specialization.

4-neglecting the role of social media:

Common always pairing the activities of marketing content with the activities of search engine optimization as the main source to bring visitors to the foundation’s website, and interact with published content, this is important of course; but it is wrong to neglect the significant role played by social media platforms to increase the rate of interaction of the traders and bring interested visitors to the site.

When you publish and share your content to your organization on social networking sites will help a lot in increasing the rate of trust of the target audience, especially if you publish the success stories of some of your customers constantly, where will it push them to desire to learn more about the products and services offered by your organization’s preference on the products and services of other institutions that don’t care to publish such kind of content.

5. do not use tools help:

The production and dissemination of content consumes a lot of time and effort, so it is not natural to say in charge of content marketing with these beliefs, traditionally, hence the importance of using tools to help.

This includes the use of tools to search for topics most problems, such as: tool BuzzSumo, as well as add-ons WordPress , that help in monitoring adherence to the standards of search engine optimization such as: add Yoast, and other other tools.

6 – non-compliance with published fixed:

Posting good content will help your organization to spread rapidly among the target audience, but not the obligation to publish more good content consistently will give your organization the risk of being forgotten amidst the hustle adult of marketing messages daily from the thousands of other brands.

So try to install the publication dates of the content to your organization so that be daily or three times a week at least.

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