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Samsung 5G

Samsung is the market leader in smartphones, so messages about upcoming devices of users looking forward to it. Especially when we are talking about flagships, the likes of which the company has not yet been demonstrated. It is reported that in addition to bendable smartphone and generation models, Galaxy S10 is a leading supplier of smart phones on the world market prepared for users another pleasant surprise — a mobile device that supports 5G network and is equipped with six cameras.

As reported by Ricky (Ricky) on the resource page gsmarena.com with reference to The Wall Street Journal, according to new information from Seoul, Samsung is working on a mysterious device with six cameras.

Samsung Beyond X — features

Two cameras will be placed on the front panel of the upcoming new items and four on the rear panel of the device. It seems likely that Samsung wants to please the many fans of their products something relevant Huawei Mate Pro 20, triple camera, which supports 5x hybrid zoom and macro photos at the distance from the camera to 2.5 centimeters.

The subject device is now called “Beyond X”. Among its features — support for 5G networks and large a 6.7-inch display. In this context, recall that the Galaxy Note 9 equipped with a 6.4-inch screen and the same size are likely to have a display of the upcoming flagship Galaxy S10+. It is noted that these features are characteristic exclusively for the new device and it will be a contrast to other proposals of the company.

When Samsung introduced the Galaxy S10 and 5G-smartphone

Galaxy S10?

In the same message shall be considered and additional information about Samsung Galaxy S10. It is expected that two or three models generation Galaxy S10 will be released in February. It is possible that the presentation will take place in the middle of the second month of the year 2019 and it also debuts the above Beyond X. Given that MWC 2019 will begin on February 25 of next year, it is likely, speech can go about additional presentations in new York.

It is believed that Galaxy S10 will be like the Huawei Mate Pro 20, support reverse wireless charging. We can only hope that the batteries for the upcoming release of a model Galaxy S10 will be more capacious than those which are equipped with current flagships.

Galaxy Flex or Samsung Flex. So you can call folding the flagship of Samsung

There is an assumption that bendable smartphone Samsung will come to market under the name “Galaxy Flex” or “Flex Samsung”, which is very unusual, since LG used the name “Flex” in its range of smartphones with flexible display LG G Flex.

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