5300 years ago, died of “snow man” Ozzy. Now we know what he ate before his death

Order 5300 years ago Bigfoot was a routine dinner of wild meat and beans before you meet your end in the Italian Alps. His last dish was very fatty and the best to climb the highest mountains, the scientists reported in Current Biology.

Ozzy definitely didn’t die hungry.

Since his mummified remains were discovered in 1991, the life of Ozzy studied more closely than even some pop stars. The cause of his death, dress, tattoo, the ax, his cholesterol and genetic book of instructions (the genome) — all understood and reconstructed. In 2002, the analysis of DNA samples showed that Otzi ate red deer, goat and grain before he died. In 2011, the radiological scan showed that the stomach contents of mummies remained intact. Now, the researchers returned to his scrutiny.

Analysis based on ancient DNA, proteins and other molecular data confirms that the final menu of Bigfoot: mountain goat (Capra ibex), red deer (Cervus elaphus), einkorn wheat (Triticum monococcum) and other domesticated grains. Evident traces of toxic fern (Pteridium aquilinum) — perhaps it was home remedy for stomach disorders, but rather as part of a meal or wrap for eating.

Although the food included protein, carbohydrates and fatty acids, fat accounted for about 46% of the stomach contents. Most of this fat came from the goat meat. Experiments in the kitchen showed that the meat was consumed fresh or smoked was on smoke.

A diet high in fat was probably not the best for genetic predisposition, Ozzy to cardiovascular diseases, but was perfect for the harsh mountain environment.

Food can also be a symptom of the time, says researcher Frank Maixner. People Ozzi were farmers, but, when faced with colder temperatures, were forced to become hunters and gatherers. However, only one dish is difficult to judge, so scientists are looking to other fossil evidence of Neolithic Europe.

Next month, scientists will study the microbiome of the intestine, Ozzy — collection of tiny organisms that settled in the stomach and intestines of the mummy.

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