50 thousand copies of the Huawei P30 sold out in 10 seconds !

Huawei has started accepting pre-orders today for my P30 وP30 Pro, has been the making of reservations through the process of a quick sale via the website of the Huawei Mall, and book all units within 10 seconds only, where the company collected nearly 112 million SAR in these ten seconds, building on the different versions of the two phones, it is estimated that 30,000 to 50,000 phone was pre-ordered, but certainly this does not mean that all units have been exhausted, it has the company offered only a limited number of phones for sale.

Recall that the price of the P30 up to $ 595 (2,230 SAR), to issue 64/8 gigabytes, and US $ 640 (2,400 SAR) for 128/8 gigabytes of address space, و714 $ (2,670 SAR) for 256/8 gigabytes, while the price ranges from P30 Pro between 818 to 1013 ($3,050 to 3,800 SR).

Features Huawei P30 screen amold measuring 6.1 inch 1080 × 2340 and by 9:19.5, and the processor Kern 980, camera background three 40/16/8 maps with optical zoom 3x, and a front camera accurately 32 maps, and a battery with a capacity of 3,650 mAh.

While the phone comes P30 Pro screen amold 6.5-inch 1080 × 2340 and by 9:19.5 also, by addressing Kern 980, camera powerlifters 40/16/8/5 with an optical zoom of 5x, which features rear camera sensor time of flight with the accuracy of 5 maps, which measure the speed at which it takes for infrared radiation to provide depth with great accuracy, it is used to draw three-dimensional maps and some of the effects of AR, there is also a front camera with 32 maps, battery 4,200 mAh Quick-Charge 40 watt, what makes the battery charge from 0 to 70% In just 30 minutes.

In conclusion, Huawei has sold more than 200 million phones last year, to improve on the third place worldwide behind Samsung, Apple, and aims to overtake Samsung this year and achieving second place, can it? Share with us your opinions in the comments.

Source: mydrivers

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