50% of copy iPhone running the last system iOS 13

50% من نسخ الآيفون تعمل بإصدار النظام الأخير iOS 13

According to the last stats Apple regarding the operating system as the iPhone, the 50% of the copy iPhone, all running the latest version of the system iOS 13.

Where they came to these results after 26 days only from the launch of Apple TV to copy the system iOS 13, in spite of the gaps of the multiple inflicted was no impact on users.

So I sent Apple several updates to this version following the launch of the public to resolve problems related to battery drain and the keyboard and her voice sounding.

The arrival of the iOS version 13 this version is slower compared admired his balls. with the time achieved by the system version of the previous iOS 12 the same version where it took 23 days to reach the rate of 50% of the iPhones. operating.

In the iOS version 12 the proportion of 41% from a version of the system working on the iPhone, while the proportion of women older amounted to 9%.

She explained to Apple that 38% of copying the iPhone offered in the market since 4 years and less running iOS 12 while 7% of them work with older versions.

Comparison between the iPhone slander of these people see that Apple excels greatly in this aspect, but taking into account the restricted category that are supported by Apple TV, with just the phones and their specifications, while Google, with its Android covering a wide range of smart phones with specifications and components are different as well as are available in plenty in the global market.

Where the percentage of phones running Android 9 about 10.4 of the total working phones for according to the statistic last May.

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