50 million euros to a new fine on Google in France

50 million euros to a new fine on Google in France

Quit Google in the U.S. in 2019 the largest fine of its type to be signed to an American company. in France, where decided by the National Commission of information and freedoms fined the company approximately 50 million euros.

He said the committee’s statement that the fine is not caused by the company’s commitment to American standards of privacy and transparency is required, especially in relation to the will know data to the user according to the activity on the internet.

The decision came after examining the complaints committees of the human rights campaign has to delegate at least 20 thousand people sleep in the punishment of the search giant’s first on the internet.

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50 million euros to a new fine on Google in France

Its part received Google penalty statement soothingly said that the management of the company committed strongly to fulfil the criteria of transparency, verification, and the requirements for approval required by the general regulations of data protection.

It was not immediately clear the effect of the size of the fine Mass on the value of the shares of the company Google directly or to change the policies of the company indirectly in the near future .


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