50 million download application YouTube Music on Android phones


A new report reveals that the application of the own music service, youtube affiliate buy Google YouTube Music, has exceeded 50 million downloads on the Android store, which means that the app can attract a large amount of users on the Android platform.

Application YouTube Music

According to the published site androidpolice American, the app and music youtube free just like YouTube itself, however, Subscribe to the YouTube service Red or Google Play Music, you will unlock the possible of the high-end users of the participants, such as the content free of ads and constant when the app runs in the background or in Offline mode.

تطبيق يوتيوب على اندرويدThe YouTube application on Android

Aims YouTube app to Music to help users who wish to explore music through youtube, earlier reports had indicated the presence of about 7 million users, cable programming services YouTube Red Google Play Music, so the vast majority of the users of YouTube music depends on the version of Android application.

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