5 YouTube channels that will please the eye

In our time, such video formats as 4K and HDR is gaining popularity, but the main question is where to find it and see. We have prepared a selection of sources that may be interesting, even if your device does not support this format.

Additional evidence of the popularity of 4K HDR is the production of all new devices that support such content. However, some of the devices not only are able to reproduce such content, but even to create it. One example is the recently released Sony Xperia XZ3. This is clearly not the limit, and the market will continue to go the new model. In many respects therefore it is necessary to prepare in advance and stock up on the selection of appropriate channels for our favorite YouTube.

It so happened that a large part of the channels in formats that are of interest to us, are of foreign origin, so those languages will be significantly easier. Although, there are in our collection and videos without words.

By the way!
In the manufacture of display Sony Xperia XZ3 uses the same technology as in the manufacture of TV OLED TV BRAVIA. Therefore, the best videos from YouTube (and not only) will delight you with amazing quality.

It is no secret that the most vivid video in the first place, work when shooting nature. That is why the high definition format and the extended-range revealed in these videos in the truest sense of the word “all colors”.

Nature and not only

The first example for today is a channel with over 55,000 subscribers, the existing more than three years and called Quang Nguyen.

The focus is a demonstration video filmed in 4K. Most of the clips demonstrates the nature, but there are other topics, such as travel or equipment. Many videos have longer duration and can be included as background on the event or home to create entourage.

Birds, lions and 8K-video

Another channel showing a video about the nature can be called 4K Eye. At the same time, it allows you to not only watch videos in 4K, but even gives us an idea about what is 8K. However, this format is much more distant from reality than 4K.

There is a channel just a couple of years, and his audience is a little more than 100,000 subscribers, but it will not prevent him from becoming a great background or just a pleasant way to relax and enjoy the bright colors of the world around us.

Sleep under 4K

It is no secret that the 4K resolution allows to reproduce the image as close as possible to reality. It did emphasis the LoungeV Films — Relaxing Music and Nature Sounds.

In the Arsenal channel is not only a beautiful video, including nature, travel and aerial photography, but the long rollers. For example, this allows to provide a television window on the world and dive into a dream on the ocean. The duration of this video for more than eight hours, but this is not the limit, the channel has long rollers.

As a bonus the channel offers live broadcasts 24/7 of the most beautiful places of our planet. However, they are only in FullHD, but in real-time.

Finnish man

If the contemplation of nature you think a little interesting, and not just want to see beautiful and unusual tricks, you will approach the official YouTube channel of The Dudesons.

The basis of the travel channel are four Finnish guys (which many consider the successors of the famous “Eccentrics”), their friends, companions and supporters. In this case, the assignment of The Dudesons to “Cranks” is not entirely correct. Despite the earlier emergence and apparent success of the American version, Finnish is a bit different project. That is why the connection between the two projects is very conditional. However, the authors of the Dudesons also filmed their travels and tricks that many call tomfoolery.

Evidence of the popularity of the channel is its audience of 3.2 million subscribers and videos that are viewed several million times.

Gasoline, rubber, music

Car enthusiasts may be interested in two channel nice clips on the car theme. This is a small, but interesting channel MK Film Productions and larger Hartnett Media.

Both channels show very beautiful shots of the lives of those who live cars, including rare models and just interesting moments. Basically it just clips to the music, but is it bad?

What else?

Of course, the channels that show videos in 4K HDR on YouTube a lot and you can find them yourself. Enough to drive a search in addition to General topics that you are interested in the word “HDR” or “4K”. In General, all the trite, as in conventional search engines.

However, this way you can find a large number of interesting for yourself. Watching these videos is not only on screens that support the relevant technology, but also normal. The fact that when creating such clips, the authors are very careful selection of the material. Therefore, the material itself is already worthy of attention. And if you are the owner of compatible devices, go back to FullHD will not want.

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