5 weeks may convince you to go back to reading instead of watching

It is true that visual content is increasing day after another, and that the industry agree more in the production of the videos featured give information and interest in the template easy, light in digestion, powered what helps the esophagus to continue to watch without getting bored, the visual content in all its forms (short videos, long stream live, etc. etc.) has become one of the attributes of the internet age.

But the element of thrill and excitement mentioned above is in itself a problem next to being a feature and utility, he flatters side in front of a computer screen or phone to continue more and spend a longer time, rather than spend several minutes reading some text content; find it there in the yard of YouTube spend an hour or more Without to feel the situation, and (lack of feeling) in itself is a problem.

Today we will not talk about the usefulness of sharing information rather than read it, you don’t need to read any article about it, you are training yourself the big difference between viewing and reading, but we’ll talk about the contrary, for the reasons you might prefer reading instead of watching, back to the active Original the march of human since ancient times, I don’t know are you going to be the reasons for you now is convincing or not, but at least convince you it will be easier to convince the others now in the maze of YouTube, the Free this article now means you’re still in college and poor.

1. Access to required directly

Three whole paragraphs at the top you are able to simply bypassed reach this paragraph, you can experience clear fast with your eyes on the structure of the article and I didn’t want to know it exactly, or pass quickly on the content up for the most important to you and then read it carefully before you go on your way, this is the situation with the textual content, but it is not so with the visual content.

The way to receive knowledge from videos is the way the linear (Linear), meaning that you have to climb the way from the beginning until you reach what you want to know, you may have to listen to what you already know and watch what you saw earlier hoping to find the new or up for promised via those addresses sparkling.

For this problem, try engineers YouTube to find some solutions, including property (quick review) that let you know extract photos from the video when passing the mouse pointer on the bar to operate, so that you learn are rough on the viewer before the next access.

There is another way through which helps the content Creator and the owner of the video to split the video and subtitles help the viewer to get what he wants and avoid what you don’t want, through the write time of each section in the box description down the video, and when clicking on the link will go directly for what he wants.

But even that dream is still textual content articles are the best for anyone who wants to know something specific inside the content, you may not find much time to watch the video length 10 minutes, and he wants information short may turn it in half a minute from a page here or there.

2. Go to him and come to you.

Google provides a search feature for the content, and also it provides youtube, but the latter are searched for visual content publication inside the house only, and there are many people are looking they didn’t want to cross a rectangular Top Search site, but the vast majority of videos that we see came to us without that we’re looking for in advance, so that the end of watching the video is required only to say to you Sisters of the videos titled two glamorous all the required link with your eyes and taking a part of the time.

You may enter the YouTube, and my intention to watch the short video shows the application of my phone or the website service, but you unfortunately fall in the trap youtube, who succeeds in converting those minutes to a half hour or full hour of time, the reason is that the content in YouTube come to you, while in the textual content: you go to him.

We use Google to search for text content that we want, we get it, we read what we want, then we proceed on our way, so simply, but in the YouTube scenario is different: open the website, find videos tempting only to click them and tighten some, all the video comes to a friend you, are the sections in front of your eyes one after the other, then not only have lost a lot of time, and tragedy.

3. Away from the headlines, sparkling, health deceptive

Because of the link number of views video profits available that may accrue to the owner of the channel, many of the owners of the channels are trying hard to attract the largest possible number of visitors to their videos, the first way to do that is in the selection of items of flashy and attractive pictures, and sometimes they are overtaking and choose the photo deceiving or URLs does not reflect the original content of the videos, in fact; this way the harm or benefit of the channel (due to the adoption of algorithms YouTube on the duration of viewing in the evaluation of the video).

You may see the video in hopes to hit that content promised, that phrase sequined or picture is deceptive that entered for it, and because it is difficult to host the video content in advance, have to see the displacement until the last minute, and then burst into flames and slide into the paths of Youtube http.

In the content script is not rely on images significantly, the title is the foundation, the headings they are mostly reflect the content inside the article, because the place is not directly the number of readers, it is true that the Office of the AD depends on the number of daily visitors to the site, but this depends on other things more important than the formulation of the titles, such as the treatment of visitors to the site and the relationship of the site to Google.


4. Read you instead of read to you

Each person and his habits in reading, there reads like a scanner, and when the only important, and there’s the one who likes to relish the echo of words in his mind, read leisurely, and not gilded in reading, but when you watch the video, you receive content on the road and another person, especially in videos which rely on the control in front of the camera, it is true that this may be an advantage, but it may not like some people.

5. The return of the asset and the community

I still haven’t gotten to the stage where we can on the activity of reading, will be reading is out of the acquisition of knowledge, writing is the origin of the publication and circulation among human beings, it is a pity to see new generations arising on the screen of the TV channels on YouTube, go for months without reading a book or text content creamy, while not passing them on without hours within the platform of YouTube.

Nice to get ourselves on the exercise of the activity of the original from which it emerged. science flourished through his civilizations, to go back to balance -at least – between viewing and reading, as we all know that balance is what helps human to live the good life carefree, when we live without overeating or inattentive in everything in our lives, then happiness to enter our hearts and our homes.

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