5 ways to raise sound iPhone

Might help sometimes in a weekend away and want to enjoy listening to your favorite music or podcast of any kind until you perform some work to discover you forgot to get the speaker of your mobile, but no problem, let me offer you today 5 ways to raise the image of the iPhone to overcome this.

1) turn the iPhone up.



Protects the iPhone speakers down there, so one of the ways to increase the level of his voice is his heart up to get ready to voice clearer and higher unaffected by any surface you put it.

2) the lowest heaven in your hand



One of the ways to increase the volume level of the iPhone is also appropriate while watching any video or clip is to catch him with the formation of a dome or half-circle with your hand confrontation woofer, so that sound waves will then inflation rose significantly to become louder.

3) the pattern of night in the sound settings

To raise the level of the sound modes from within the iPhone also, where is the most successful of which is the tension settings and then music and EQ with a test pattern last night which will increase the power level of the sound, but you might face lack in purity level some thing.

4) put the iPhone in a deep bowl

One of the oldest ways to raise the sound of any phone is by directing his megaphone down inside a deep bowl, where you will see the sound waves for the show are higher and more pronounced.

5) speaker you can make it yourself.

Although the trick pot high efficiency, you can use the same principle to determine the guide photo, where you just need a reel suitable for the blank and two plastic cups or paper with scissors, where you must cut a small part in the reel napkins enough to install the iPhone inside, and then open a circular hole in each cup enough to party pristine as it appears in the picture and his mouth then run what you want with enjoy high-quality sound.

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