5 ways to improve its Google of Gmail.. what do you think?

The evolution of Google in the current time of the design of service options for email Gmail, to assess the significant developments in the service to its users in terms of form and effectiveness, here’s five changes to the basic rule in Gmail.

Photos|this is a new design for Gmail

1 – easy access to Google applications other than the inside of the mailbox.

Will Google access to its applications such as the calendar without the need to leave the mailbox, will also have access to apps G Suite, such as Docs, drive.

2 – responses to smart

Will soon be available for users of Gmail to use the responses smart and active in the Inbox app and its version for the web.

3 – snooze messages

The user will be able soon from activating the snooze messages repeated, to show up in your inbox at a predetermined time.

4. support local mode without Internet connection

Supports Gmail finally put not to connect to the internet for users of the web version, is expected to have that property in June.

5 – new user interface

Includes cleansing conducted by Google on the service by e-mail and a new interface to the user to a web version, more attractive and a lot of the properties of the service interface Inbox.

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