5 ways to Can Alexa help you in cleaning the House

Helped development aid audio performance, a lot of tasks, through voice commands only, also led to the increasing popularity of services and tools that rely on image recognition technology – such as: Alexa, Amazon, Assistant, Google Voice, Google Assistant, will be from Apple, and Cork Our from Microsoft – to to technology companies by giving first priority to develop the duties of the conversation of its.

While the technology did not develop to the extent of providing full automation of all the tasks so far, only that the voice assistant Alexa Alexa , a subsidiary of Amazon can assist you in the tasks of cleaning the house, starting from the scheduling of cleaning, ordering supplies, and even learn how to do the task cleaning, and more.

The following are 5 ways to help your Alexa ranking in the organization:

1. schedule cleaning tasks:

If you are busy all the time, and began the tasks of cleaning and organizing the house leave you; because you forget to do it regularly, the less can help you with that, and all you have to do is activate the feature: Cleaning Buddy in the application of the Alexa ranking. Then say, “Alexa, start cleaning”. Will guide you through the steps to add the cleaning tasks, the preparation according to the schedule convenient for you.

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There are also five cleaning modes; and to choose from: daily, weekly, or monthly, or seasonally, or quick cleaning, and Alexa also keeps track of the dates of cleaning; so you know when to be the date of the next cleaning, and you can also customize the lists and the cleaning.

2 – order cleaning supplies:

With the Alexa will not be available for the performance of cleaning tasks due to running out of cleaning supplies, where you can use call Alexa to request cleaning supplies from Amazon when you need it, but there are some basic steps that must be followed before you can register using the plugin Alexa:

First: you must register as a member of Amazon Prime, and will show you this 119 $ per year, but it is very necessary for online shopping to Alexa.

Second: scroll to the applied Alexa to activate the feature through the pictures.

  • Select menu Menu.
  • Tap Settings Settings.
  • Click on the account, Alexa, Alexa Account.
  • Click on the option for Voice Purchasing.
  • Click on the switch button next to the option to purchase health Purchase by Voice to activate it.
  • Choose a code of four digits and type it in the required field.
  • Click on Save Changes.

Third: go to the preferences One-Click 1-Click Preferences on the site and set up a payment method.

Buy something say, “Alexa, add (product) to my shopping cart” will Alex about this product, and add it to your shopping cart and when finished adding what you want to buy say “Alexa, just continue to buy what’s in my shopping cart”, it will ask you Alexa code of four digits; to confirm the purchase, so make sure you remember it.

3 – automate the process of cleaning dust using robotic vacuum cleaners:

If you hate to use a vacuum cleaner try to automate the process fully. Where there are a lot of robotic vacuum cleaners Robot Vacuums existing in the market, which can help you in cleaning the house automatically.

All you have to do is connect the vacuum cleaner robotic – like: Neato, or Roomba – assistant to audio Alexa, and then you can control them with voice commands simple. Just say “Alexa, ask Neato to start cleaning”.

The following are some of the voice commands that can be played by Alexa automate the use of vacuums the Roomba, and the Neato:

  • Alexa, ask the Roomba to schedule an appointment cleaning.
  • Alexa, ask the Roomba to return to base.
  • Alexa, ask the Roomba to stop cleaning.
  • “Alexa, where’s the Roomba’s?
  • Alexa, ask the Neato off cleaning temporarily.
  • Alexa, ask Neato to tell me what level of card?

4 – wash the clothes in a smart way:

Laundry cyclical process does not end, but there are two ways you can help your Alexa ranking in doing the task of laundry the easy way.

First: you can use laundry service through voice commands Laundrapp; to do dry-cleaning, laundry automatically, but the service, Laundrapp is available; only in about 100 cities in the United States only.

Secondly: if you prefer to save some money by washing your clothes yourself; can still risk to help you through the install property of Good Housekeeping, or the Stains Be Gone – giving you advice on how to remove difficult stains from your clothes.

5. Learn how to cleaning:

If you don’t know how to perform cleaning tasks properly; can Assistant audio Alexa to say teach you that easily, activate: Clorox Clean; and to learn how to organize everything in your home.

In addition you can provide these property tips on how to clean it faster; so don’t spend your entire day in some cleaning tasks only.

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