5 Use strange artificial intelligence.. them Harry Potter novel

We often hear about systems of artificial intelligence that improve the functionality of applications and hardware, including software applications camera phones modern and assistants virtual the likes of Siri, Alexa assistant Google in many organs, but the human mind enter it in the use of strange as well, here are 5 of them:

Reading facial expressions

Read a person’s feelings from his expression can be a great challenge, but the system Emotion AI of the development of the company, Affectiva can speak the sense of the person in front of him after monitoring certain areas of his face, “like the corners of the eyebrows and the nose and the corners of the mouth” according to the company, where it uses algorithms and machine learning to improve the face and the decoding of facial expressions and show them the consequences.

One of the uses of the scary of this system is to inform the advertisers on the feeling of the real consumer during the presentation of the content, where the system needs only a web camera and good connection to the internet by the company.

Harry Potter novel

The studios Putin you create a system of artificial intelligence thrown upon the novels of Harry Potter The Original several times in an attempt to make him compose a novel using the events of the story mimics the same style of the original novels, the result was: a novel “Harry Potter and the image did not look like a big pile of ash” (Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash) which start their writing system “of rainfall severe on the ghost of Harry on his way to the castle, where Ron was standing there and lead the dance of rhythmic and frenzied, and if he saw Harry until he started eating family, Hermione”.

The novel of three short chapters, and will certainly rise to the writings of C. Was. Rowling, but reading them gives us a view of the strange world which had to live by the imagination of artificial intelligence.

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The longer stretch of human complaining, fennel, essential in the manufacture of food and beverages, but this does not mean the stop of this post on the humans, where the company manufactures IntelligentX Brewing alcoholic beverages with the help of artificial intelligence systems.

The company is asking its customers about their taste of questions most of them are simple and brings about typically the proof or oil or select a score on a scale of 1-10, and answer the system of artificial intelligence to create a drink that fits their tastes different; this makes us wonder about the possibility of the systems of the artificial intelligence specialization the components of foods as each person in the future.

Horoscope reading

Even though he’s not using them traditionally for automated, Alexander Repin cover system smarter and a lot of words late inspiring facility with terms used in the tell all, the law is the worship of his own which was 75% of them are negative or strange, such as “remember that no matter what I tried there was the perimeter, you can’t change it” and”others enjoy the intention of you”.

According to the description of the Repin the by the the system longer “the philosophy of the Artificial, the machine enjoys the humor of special, as are a lot of algorithms that enjoy the creativity inherent”.

The form images in the brain

The goal of the Machine Deep Dream Generator , which was established by Alexander Mordvintsev -one of the architects of Google – is to help the scientists in understanding what you see deep neural networks when we look at the image, the results of the photo weird think today the kind of art that respect the human and artificial intelligence, where you can machine that out to draw out the image we see.

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