5 tips for good shooting on the iPhone

Many people often wonder how to learn how to take pictures on the iPhone. In General, the simple answer is no: the quality is the result of a symbiosis of many processes, mechanically. However, there are some tips that will not make you a professional photographer, but will help to improve their own iPhone camera.

If possible, use a tripod

Yes, it’s true — to get rid of shaky hands and blurred images can only be so. There are numerous solutions that easily fit in a backpack (as pictured below). And normal self you can do if you use the timer.

Use the volume buttons for the camera

It is much better than taking a picture using the button on the screen. In this case, you hold the smartphone with both hands and not only to focus but also to make a good prasmatic the.

Keep HDR enabled

Better not to do any of the picture without HDR will see the difference immediately. This technology combines multiple exposures that you get the best picture.

Always turn the flash off

Well the truth is, even in low light there is little sense, especially when shooting subjects at a distance of one meter. Most often, the flash, instead of improving the picture, making things worse.

Don’t forget about the rule of thirds

It is a principle of composition, which is built on the rule of the Golden section. It States that a picture in a picture the objects must be separated by imaginary lines that seem to “share” the photo into thirds.


Use these tips and direct your hands (which is important) and you’ll get your long-awaited photo. If you know some trick shooting on the iPhone, feel free to share them in the comments and in our Telegram chat.

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