5 things you should know about the application of the new functions in Gmail

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Starts users access to the design advantages of the gimli new, and one of these advantages is the left hand side panel where users can find the new application called app task where the latest attempt from Google to create a service reminder and hope we don’t end up in this time.

The following are five things you need to know about the task at all.

Smartphone apps

Google released a version of Android and iOS application is important in Wednesday, download the app for Android here or for iOS here.

The location of the new menu

You first have to forget about scrolling fast, as require list Google click on the MENU button bottom of the screen to access it, in the menu you can set how the order of tasks or create a new list or adjust the settings of the Gmail application on iOS.

Very simple

There is not much of a professional application in its current state, where you can create tasks with due dates, but not at specific times or specific locations, and sub-tasks and the use of multiple lists. This is all that is, as of this writing, you can create lists of Common or repetitive tasks or set priority.

Use in gimli

Maybe water favorite is the ability to pull email from the mailbox gimli Department Professional of color in the right to add it to the application task, and create a task using the email subject as the title, with a link to the email in the Gmail account to your reference in the future.

Support multi-account

If you have Google Accounts multiple are set up on your Android or iOS device, you would see the image “file” to your profile in the upper left corner of the task list, click on the image to change the management of the account is different.

5 things you should know about the application of the new functions in Gmail

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