5 things you can do via your phone iPhone just


It’s been a few months since the launch of the Apple operating system IOS 11 for iPhone and iPad, and is now already working on the 65% of devices, and in the period between these months, the company also released some updates for maintenance and repair of some defects, most notably the 11.3 IOS , which focuses strongly on the card phones EVO the performance of the Processor, the following are some advantages and things can only for the users of phones iPhone do.


Filter spam

Of the most important advantages that have been provided for the users of phones iPhone in the last update is the ability to filter spam messages, this is done automatically.

Screen recording

Users phones EVO that works with the updated IOS 11 capable of recording the content of the screen of their device with an external audio input, it is also possible to create files animated using this feature, although the screen recording is available in Samsung phones, it has become an essential feature in Android until now.

Sync messages

All messages are synced across all Apple devices that use the same Apple ID, and still apply the messages of the Android platform from Google does not include this feature.

Send money

Another interesting feature in the update IOS 11 for EVO, which is the ability to send and receive money directly within the messages application, since users can do this by simple text messages, it is also possible to transfer the funds received to the account of bank one.

Control battery

Update iOS 11.3 coming for iPhone soon gives users more control over the performance of the processor and the battery of the device.

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