5 things to increase the productivity of employees on the Chrome browser

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Became the web browsers on hijacked, Chrome andFirefox andOpera etc., where the staff of their business whether it is access to business applications, or collaborate on projects, or just to check e-mail, in fact used 76 percent of the companies e-mail the document to the browser, and 70 percent of browser-based applications, according to a study conducted by Forrester recently.

Given that employees spend a long time in browsers while at work, we want to share some of the ways that you can customize the Chrome browser to assist staff in maintaining their concentration.

Includes the Chrome browser many built-in capabilities that can be used by information technology project to install the bookmarks, apps, and plugins preset management policies centrally and provide a better browsing experience for the web, here are 5 things to watch information technology to do using the Chrome browser to help teams work more efficiently.

Sync Chrome to get fast and easy access across devices

Using sync Chrome can record the user’s browser bookmarks, apps, extensions and even open tabs to follow them from device to device throughout the day, even while running the core systems for the Windows operating system and the owner and Chrome.

It can also manage information technology manage the bookmarks centrally, leading to paid links to professional websites and Web applications that users can access from any device when you log in to the browser.

Helped the users in keeping safe through Safe Browsing

Using Safe Browsing, announces Chrome browser users automatically when the site is harmful, so they can avoid it, this means that staff can avoid threats that may lead to spend hours in the recovery from your sources instead of completing tasks, and can allow information technology users to select whether they want to run the Safe Browsing feature, or they can set the policy centrally to enable or disable.

The prohibition of advertising so that staff can continue to focus

Advertisements can be a drain for peace of mind, and through the Enable pop-up Blocker Automatic in Chrome browser team can Information Technology help staff remain in tasks assigned to them without distracting their attention.

Works the Chrome browser now the filter links automatically to Web sites of third parties, that are specialized in the form of turn buttons or other controls on-site, or transparent overlays on web sites that adhere to the clicks and open tabs or new Windows.

Home page uniform staff

Can administrators set the home page to employees on the internal sites so that they have the latest tools and modern information, and by using Group Policy or approach to the cloud, Information Technology easily assign different home pages to different groups in the enterprise.

Install apps and extensions for easy access and security

Can watch information technology to facilitate employee access to applications and plugins they need to be productive while maintaining security policies appropriate, and they can deploy applications and additions specified and tailored to the Department or role of the employee, whether it’s internally or year, such as productivity applications or CRM, allowing them to easily access the tools necessary to do their job as soon as you open the browser.

5 things to increase the productivity of employees on the Chrome browser

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