5 things are possible with Note 9 and other possible with the iPhone

5 أشياء ممكنة مع Note 9 وغير ممكنة مع iPhone

After released Samsung troll the latest of a series of Galaxy Note in August last, came the reply Apple a number of phones that it can’t hold for Android phones most powerful. Despite the advent of phones with Core 7 nm in the fastest phones for the first time in the world currently, the phones iPhone New did not come with features that make it shine in the world of smart phones.

Revealed Apple in September for three new phones namely iPhone XS that creates iPhone X screen 5.8 inch as a phone 2017-famous screen OLED also. The second phone is the iPhone XS Max which comes with a diameter of 6.5 inch type OLED also priced at greater $ 100 from the first phone which has price of 1000$.

I’m the second phone is iPhone XR product the release of which comes screen-type LCD is priced at $ 750. With all these phones so the Apple didn’t offer things you can already do it when owning a Galaxy Note 9 Samsung.

The use of texts to and from anywhere

Supports the S Pen, putting the notes at any time and place on screen to increase productivity and save time in addition to this feature there is a great advantage is the possibility of extraction which allows the use of texts from anywhere on the screen, which means that, for example, you could use texts instead, and copy them quickly without the support instead so.

Use hear two at the same time

One of the advantages that are supported by Bluetooth 5, which concern the Samsung take advantage of bescletta extremely fast is the advantage of using more than one speaker at the same time which is what put Samsung on behalf of Dual Audio.

And when you reach the settings to use the water, you just activate it from the Bluetooth settings to start to connect more than Bluetooth headset broadcasting the same content using one phone.

Schedule text messages

One of the advantages supported by the application Messages from Samsung on the Galaxy Note 9 is a feature to schedule text messages a feature driven with but at the price of $ 3 per month only.

If you see that this water use defense, you have to know that you can schedule text messages to congratulate your friends festivals of their birthday or to send specific messages related to your business.

Speed up the phone significantly

The monster or Beast Mode on phone Galaxy Note 9 will allow you to speed up your phone significantly by reducing the time required to open applications by minimizing transitions and shorten the time.

Despite the strong performance of phones iPhone new, but a slice Snapdragon 845 author of the wizard that comes at a speed of 2.8 GHz vs processor that comes at a speed of 2.39 GHz in phones iPhone makes phone Samsung holding for the market, especially with the advantage of Beast Mode.

Add video as a background for the main screen

One of the things that maybe don’t know some of the owners of the Samsung talk is a feature to make video as wallpaper for the main screen so that this feature does not appear in the settings but they appear in the photo gallery where when you choose any video you can set it from there as the Home screen wallpaper.

Definitely activate this feature will take a lot of battery so you can use this feature only if you have some freight you want to waste battery Note 9 Mega, which has a capacity of 4000 mah.

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