5 Tests Siri useful, between By run YouTube in the background

We have provided to you by more than 10 Tests Siri very useful, make the users iPhone, iPad, and in rich for some applications, in light of our search for the new: here are the 5 tests of the new Siri may find it useful.

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1) download videos from Safari

You can shortcut download any video from Safari browser once you copy the video link and paste it in the desired location after activating the shortcut.

Download the shortcut

2) listen to the movie studios YouTube background

After you install this shortcut and allow access to YouTube, open any YouTube video from Safari and then launched the shortcut from the window of the joint so you can minimize Safari and resume listening to the video of Control Center.

Download the shortcut

3) Use archived files

Or what we know of his process to unzip files are, wherever I met the zip file on safari or mail or any app, you can share it with this shortcut to unzip and save the files in any place you select you.

Download the shortcut

4) export in Do Not Disturb mode

Don’t even meet your calls during the filming of the footage is important, this shortcut does do not disturb mode and display lighting.

Download the shortcut

5) close the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Since iOS 11 and close the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from Control Center doesn’t do a related completely, but you should expect to Settings provide related, but the abbreviations below says to close the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi completely as soon as you click on them.

Choose close Bluetooth – choose close the Wi-Fi

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