5 subtle features in the calculator application phones iPhone

You can use the calculator application on the iPhone for simple calculations, or use the scientific calculator to make calculations exponential and algorithms, etc., as well as you can use voice assistant (Siri) Siri, to perform arithmetic operations quickly by voice commands.

The following are 5 features enjoyed by the calculator application in the operating system (iOS) iOS, which might not be familiar with it:

1 – delete the numbers scroll on the screen:

5 ميزات خفية في تطبيق الآلة الحاسبة بهاتف آيفون

Let’s assume you’re in the process of calculation is large, and introduced a number by mistake, in the normal situation will delete all the numbers, and start writing again.

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Instead; if you press the part of the screen, where you know the numbers, would be the last number. You can also scroll left or right in the empty space next to the numbers to delete the entry later, instead of scanning the whole value.

2 – copy the numbers and paste them from the bus and:

This thing is very simple; you only need to prolonged pressure on the numbers that appear on the calculator, you will get the option to copy or paste, this may be useful in the case of making large accounts.

3 – copy the last result quickly:

نسخ آخر نتيجة بسرعة

Let’s say you want to copy the results of calculations carried out, and paste them into a file, fortunately there is an easy way to do it, where there is a quick test in (control center) Control Center phones for iPhone, allows you to copy the result of the last calculation you did on the calculator quickly.

You can access the Control Center by scrolling up if you are using the iPhone by Home button, or swipe down from the top right corner if you are using a device (iPhone X), or any newer version, and then press for a time on the calculator icon, you’ll see an on-screen option (copy latest result) Copy the Last Result, click on it then paste the result anywhere else, as you do with notes or messages.

4. using scientific calculator:

الحاسبة العليمة

The application supports the calculator to the default in the operating system (iOS) scientific calculator built-in, and to get it you only need to rotate iPhone into horizontal position, as shown in the image above, you will be able to access the scientific calculator complete you can make calculations exponential and logarithmic functions.

5. conduct of accounts in quick search for iPhone:

5 ميزات خفية في تطبيق الآلة الحاسبة بهاتف آيفون

Using the Spotlight search on the iPhone, you can search the entire device including: search applications, documents, contacts, e-mail, in addition to seeing the news, and sports, movies, weather condition, and other information.

Starting from version (iOS 9) iOS 9, ensure the calculator is also in the Spotlight Search, this means that you can perform basic arithmetic operations directly during the search. Swipe down on main screen to show the search function, and then perform your calculations.

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