5 steps to protect children from inappropriate content in YouTube

Although the launch of the YouTube service broadcast kids intended for children, but that the algorithms the company not be able to prevent all inappropriate for children, such as those that contain extremely violent scenes, what led to many problems, and that’s why I will offer you today the 5 steps to help you protect your children from viewing any inappropriate content.

How to protect your kids from viewing content inappropriate on YouTube

  1. To activate parental protection: immediately after entering the application YouTube Kids, click on the lock icon at the bottom of the screen, and when asked for the number of traffic the particular immediately put it will activate a protection style.

    PHOTO: Parents set a passcode to control settings on the app YouTube Kids.

  2. Turn off the search: the app also allows to stop the search for the desire to prevent children from accessing different types of content that may contain something not suitable, can stop it by going to Settings and then click on search to stop it.

    PHOTO: Turn off Search. You can prevent your kids from being able to search for videos all over the network.

  3. Reporting the war: in the case of coincidence of any clip stores, should be reported immediately through the button allocated so to prevent the emergence of it again.
  4. White list: immediately to ensure the appropriate content of a channel, must be immediately added to the White list to show what you know to your child, where you can do that by going to Settings and activating the list of approved content only then click on the + sign to add any content.

    5. Other apps: there are several other options with regard to the application display custom content for children, where both Netflix and PBS on the version dedicated to children, too.

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