5 settings you changed any router new

When we transition to the place of residence or a new job, often be very enthusiastic when you run the internet to ensure speed and consistency of performance, however, we neglect always change the settings of the router virtual for added security, and that’s why I will offer you today the way to do it. the main 5 settings with ease.

The top 5 settings you changed any router new

  1. Change the name and password: often reveals the default name for the type of router, so help change it to make it more difficult to exploit the inventors of the gaps, the same applies to the password default which is always going to be easy and weak, and can change both the application router on the phone or by logging on to the address “” of the browser.
  2. Usually comes router protect from the kind WEP is extremely weak, so advised to change to WPA or WPA2.
  3. Most routers modern type 802.11 ac, i.e., it supports frequencies of 5GHz and 2.4 GHz, and must do both to choose the device automatically which is better to use depending on the distance to their various devices.
  4. Most routers put a parental control allows to control the content that reaches children by selecting certain key words to block, in addition to reducing the number of hours that children spend on the internet.
  5. Allow some routers make separate network for guests, although the method varies from router to time, but it always resides in the user guide and on privacy and security.

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