5 reasons why the Galaxy Note better Galaxy 9 S10+

Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the perfect device, located at the peak of technology, and at the same time the flagship Galaxy S, but, in principle, all the existing Samsung devices. It has the modern “stuffing”, the smallest frame and is so thin and light case that, despite the large diagonal, it’s still nice to hold and use. And, even with its elegant casing, it still manages to combine cutting-edge technology and a rather large battery.

Next to this Galaxy Note 9 may look a little rough or old-fashioned. But appearance does not always solve, as who would say, any fan of modern smartphones. Note 9 still can stand on its own two feet with its powerful processor and a stunning amount of RAM.

Yes, hardware has reached a plateau, and no more such amazing technological leaps compared to last year. At this stage in the game tread smartphone features. And, surprisingly, the Galaxy Note 9 has several features that make it even a better choice than Galaxy S10+, provided that you also consider when choosing a smartphone. And now let’s compare them.

1. S Pen

Of course, when it comes to comparing these two flagships, first comes to mind is the S Pen. Samsung-branded stylus pen that also acts as a Bluetooth remote control for Note 9. It has no analogues on parameters such as accuracy, levels of pressure and a deviation of the palm. The stylus, of course, the thing is not for everyone. But for those who like to feel in your hand for a high-precision digital pen, there’s no other smartphone which could handle such requests, in addition to the Galaxy Note series.

2. There is no cutout

Infinite reduction framework eventually led to the appearance in the display of all kinds of cutouts, holes and other oddities. Yes, Note 9 still has a small frame at the bottom and the top of the screen, which is also called “chin” and “forehead”, but at least its screen is a clean symmetrical rectangle. If you suddenly turned an implacable opponent of all kinds of “bangs” and holes, the choice between Note 9 and Galaxy S10+ should be obvious. Hell Yes for this parameter, it can outdo even the Note 10, which, according to rumors, will receive a cut in the screen for selfie camera similar to the Galaxy S10.

3. Portrait shots on a telephoto lens

Left: portrait on the wide-angle module Galaxy S10+. Right: portrait to telephoto-module 9 Galaxy Note

Since then, as Samsung introduced digital bokeh in your Camera app, the company refused to call it a “Portrait mode”. Instead, it was called Live Focus. With the series Galaxy S10, it became obvious that this mode is not only for portraits.

Why? Well, you can’t use a telephoto lens in Galaxy and Galaxy S10 S10+ Live Focus. This means that Yes, portraits are still possible, but they will be done on a wide angle lens with its inherent desire to distort the face and hide my ears behind the cheekbones.

Galaxy Note 9 still “doing it right” – for Live Focus, it uses a telephoto lens with the 2x zoom, which essentially makes it a “portrait mode”. Just look at the difference in the framing and composition of the above two photos. Telephoto lens, of course, has the ability to “isolate” the object in focus from the background and take a picture in this mode, the side, whatever his Samsung called. At the same time, a wide-angle lens S10+ captures much more background than you need, and also slightly distorts the face and body of a person.

4. Led indicator

You may have already heard about this – the new generation of the family flagship Galaxy S10 no led indicator on the front panel. It is now one of the major disappointments for fans of the flagship smartphone Samsung.

Yes, it can be argued that the option “Display Always On” eliminates the need to install led, but it is not so. If you are one of those users who still prefer to know what notifications they missed, thanks to the bright luminous led indicator is colour coded, which does not drain half of your battery per day, Note 9 still have this notification for you.

5. Faster fingerprint scanner

Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner below the display Galaxy S10+ is truly a miracle of science, and it is an absolute fact. But it’s still a technology of the first generation, and as such, it still doesn’t work… bearable. New scanner – slow, sometimes not very accurate, and can also irritate violently that he can see straight from the display.

On the other hand, a fingerprint scanner, installed in the Galaxy Note 9, very fast and very accurate. And a bonus is that Note 9 is a biometric lock with the scanner of the iris with which Samsung decided to “end” in the Galaxy family, the S10. To be honest, we’re not going to miss this, but to some fans this feature is liked.

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