5 reasons why Android apps are miserable

Android passes iOS in market share, and recently passes and the number of applications in a virtual store. But quantity does not always equal quality — and you can see this if you go a little away from the Tops Google Play. Why is this happening? Oddly enough, the wine here is not only the developers but also the users.

Apps in Google Play anymore, but they do not bring money

When it comes to profits and income of the developers and the stores, Apple is far ahead. Data analysts confirm it: users of iOS are spending several times more on virtual content than Android users. Not so long ago, we discussed Instagram, which releases their new products for iOS, but not in a hurry to release them on Android. Also of the good examples we can recall the developers of the game Monument Valley, which released new levels for their game on Android. It is precisely because iOS users are more active and bring more profit. The developers notice this, and, of course, make more efforts to develop for iOS.

An example of lame apps on Android

However, for some reason, Android users who are more actively install apps, developers bring significantly less profit? On it there are at least five reasons.

We will remind that last year the Sensor Tower has published General statistics on App Store and Google Play. It turned out that the corporate app catalog Apple almost twice more profitable than its main rival — in 2018, the users spent in the App Store by 88% more than in Google Play.

The contents

Where popular Android

Usual street in Delhi, India

The share of Android is high in countries with low income. Google places great emphasis on developing countries, which are in the first places by number of inhabitants (China, India, Indonesia). Thanks to the number of citizens of these countries, Google has managed to achieve more app downloads. Apple, in turn, is considered by the company not for the poor, so the prices in the App Store above, and buy it more often because they simply can afford it. Many people in these countries do not have credit cards, and Google doesn’t always quickly establishes the payment with mobile operators.

Android smartphones cheaper iPhone

The average cost of Android-smartphone is $ 250-300, while the average cost of iPhone is $ 600. We don’t know how much content are you buying the Galaxy S10 owners and other expensive smartphones. It is possible that not less than iPhone owners.

In-app purchase in Android

If the App Store can still afford to publish apps that you can download only after payment in Google Play such programmes are very few. The developers are trying to lure customers with free software that users have made in-app purchases, but with Android it doesn’t work. A or just remove the app, either use partial functionality. This is confirmed by many participants in our Telegram chat.

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Download apps for Android free

When saved on the apps on Google Play

Many online resources where published .apk files of paid apps from Google Play. And unlike iOS, where this requires certain skills and tools, here download and the child to cope — simply plug the phone into the computer and get the file for the application.

Developers want to switch to iOS

And finally, the fifth reason closes the circle. When developers see that Android users do not pay, they can either not release your app under this platform, or to release it for free and with ads. Some developers simply give up and some may even entice the user to the iPhone, if the app really needs for the user.

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