5 reasons to use the services in the Facebook Marketplace

Do you want to sell old things you have, or that you no longer use or even Marketing a new product? It was always sites like Craigslist وOlx, is the point of wishing to sell or market their products, but allowed Facebook recently serviced marketing Marketplace in the Middle East to give us several reasons to use them instead of other sites.

That’s how successful companies emerging media without relying on Facebook

1 – extremely easy to create a list of what it sells through a custom app for smart phones

Open the Facebook application and press the icon of the Marketplace and then choose What are you listing.

Click on the Sell or Add or camera icon and add the image of the organization, and then complete the specifications.

You can also add product then to subscriber groups.

2 – Easy to browse sale listings over the phone

Easy to browse lists of objects offered for sale via the Facebook application, click on Marketplace then select Categories, as well as you can filter the listings according to your geographical location.

3. more secure in dealing

You can check the seller before purchase via his profile on Facebook, and avoid sellers hot to complain.

4 – visitors Facebook is much larger than other sites

Exceeded the number of Facebook users million users all over the world, the largest platform of social interaction in terms of numbers of users, suggesting an opportunity to sell your home by greater than the other sites.

5 – You don’t need to display your phone number or your e-mail

Easy link offers the personal accounts of facebook, the communication between the seller and the buyer via Facebook Messenger without having to display personal data such as phone number or e-mail.

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