5 reasons to make Galaxy S9 best of iPhone X

Samsung announced the South Korean on the latest smart phones, leading the Galaxy S9 and S9 plus within the events of Mobile World Congress late last February, and brought the new phones set of features and enhancements in this article, we present to you the leading 5 reasons to make phones Galaxy S 9 and s-9 Plus is better than iPhone X.

The screen

Finally support Apple phones smart screen OLED where he came from iPhone X Screen OLED great, but phones Galaxy S9 with a screen OLED on the Samsung is much better.

Produces OLED screen on the Galaxy S9 colors more vivid than the iPhone X, and the contrast between the bright and dark parts of the screen is amazing, and may be Apple has gone to to provide more realistic colors in terms of brightness, adjust the contrast, but if you want something closer to reality, you can look at the world around you.

Rear camera better in low light conditions

Featuring a camera phone my s-9 and s-9 Plus with dual aperture New which allows to switch the house to open my lens at the same camera to give the best experience, allowing entry of a larger amount of light by 28% more than the S8 and discussion in the picture is less by 30%, especially in the conditions of low-light photography.

Generally can for Galaxy S9 best pictures in dark lighting conditions from the iPhone X.

Galaxy S9, you can’t cut the superfluous


Click the users about the excess piece at the top of the screen that the iPhone X between supporters and opponents, on the other hand, comes phone Galaxy S-9 without an extra piece with the edges of the larger of the iPhone X, but it still retains the look stylish and fashionable with a narrow pelvis the A good choice haters the pieces excess.

The speakers and the headset

Phones S9 and S9 plus are the first phones in the series Galaxy, which include stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos codec in cooperation with the competent police in the AKG, which was acquired by Samsung, provide headphones sound higher by 40% from the previous generation with the new amplifier built-in phones may don’t need to Bluetooth speakers outdoor when you are away from home, and in general provide phones Galaxy S9 sound performance the best of the iPhone X.

In addition still provide phones Galaxy S9 headphone port conventional while necessary tension on the dongle or Bluetooth headset on the iPhone X.


Expect the regular version of the Galaxy compared to $ 720 (2700 SAR/AED), with women and plasma 840 $ (3150 SAR/AED) and to get the iPhone X must pay $ 1000 at a minimum (3750 Saudi riyal) and taking into account all the features included in the Galaxy S9 you may prefer the acquisition of a Samsung phone.

5 reasons to make the iPhone X is better than Galaxy S9


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