5 reasons to buy Pocophone F1 of Shawty

The Indian market ignited a clash of cheap smart phones in the world, the company Huawei now has the Honor Play with the specifications of the phone great price phone economic share -the first company in India currently – I don’t want to plan it one of sight. In the end we have Shawty Pocoohone F1, the phone offers what I thought Shao submitted with some negatives and a lot of the advantages that can be counted for this price that’s potential. In this article we review the five basic reasons to buy Pocophone F1.

Slice Snapdragon 845 phone at an economical price

Phone Pocophone is the first phone in the world comes from a huge company Qualcomm own phones category top price Phones economic. Slice Snapdragon 845 the most powerful from Qualcomm which offers performance most streamlined and the most suited for games has become for the first time in the hands of owners with small budgets, this certainly is more like it everyone on the phone.

Huge battery and fast shipping

One of the factors used by Shao competition recently is the capacity your battery with them which come with big numbers for the price. The design of this phone did not make Shaw my spare battery capacity to reduce cost or for any other reason, there are number of great phones Shawty last comes with a battery 4000 mAh. Also that the phone comes SIM, Snapdragon 845 the presence of fast charging technology of the cam Quick Charge 3 become content.

Cooling technology water

Although we don’t know much about this technique, however, this is not the first time that we see. Has revealed the Samsung phone its latest Galaxy Note 9 supports technology cooling water to ensure stable performance of the device with time and hard work. Shaw also has the same Technology which bears the name LiquidCool Technology which anyway that we can be a positive feature.

The advantages of artificial intelligence

If you are interested in one of the two applications of artificial intelligence in smart phones currently providing a Snapdragon 845 means getting some advantages that the phone does not have to be able to get them without it. Slide the strong don’t have a healer nervous like Kirin 970 from Huawei but still possess a great capacity for handling the operations of the artificial intelligence.

The price does not compare, even if it increased a bit

Despite the advent of new phone Pocophone F1 of the Shawty at a price of $ 300 in India, a country which is also synthesized but it comes to other States at higher prices. This doesn’t mean anything bad in any form, despite the price increase of the phone remains the undisputed price even now in the Arab markets.

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