5 reasons to avoid wireless charger

Looks like the wireless charger like the perfect device to which the long waiting for the appearance of its markets, but that actually refers to the opposite, especially with the confirmation of some of the statistics that less than 30% of smartphone users, they only rely on that charger, what drives us now to uncover the reasons for the lack of interest many of you.

Not suitable for everyone.

The first step in the Izmit wireless charger, in its inability to recharge most of the smartphones, where you can not only deal with the category of the latest phones from Apple, Samsung, Google, as well as LG, in addition, may seem the wireless charger is useless, what reduces the chances of the adoption of the users.

Shipping slow

Rely on the wireless charger means take the time a longer time, compared Can traditional wired, due to its dependence on electromagnetic induction, presumably by the transfer of energy from one place to another without wires, which leads to the slow shipping process, especially with the arrival of the ability of the Chargers wired to 12 and at the very least, in the shadow of the attainment of the capacity of the wireless charger didn’t ranges between 7.5 and 10 watts in the best case.

The difficulty of shipping

Don’t expect the crisis to the slow shipping process, but also characterized that process difficult at times, which requires charging the phone this way, it is put in particular on the charger, and breach of them may cause the lack of success of the shipping process of the foundation.

Not possible to use while charging

The user can use the phone during the process of shipping the wired, as long as it runs the charger cord to it, however, that the water does not move through the Chargers and wireless, as means to move it any distance simple abolition of the shipping process, so waiting until the completion of the charging process to the end, believes is the only option left in front of the user that chargers wireless.

The value of the price is high

Choose a value price for a wireless charger according to the type and ability, but they start in all cases from about $ 15 to sometimes to $ 100, which is a value high in the crisis surrounding this device.

In the end, maybe it takes from technology companies to add some specifications and the latest of those chargers wireless, even become more efficient than before, however, and even the occurrence of it, given the turnout of current users on those chargers, the opportunity to rely on them look slim.

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