5 problems addressed by Apple in iOS 12

Still iOS version 12 in the experimental stage, but it brings fixes to some problems of iOS 11 and addresses the defects of the Old the most important, We use here the most important 5 of them.

1) to facilitate the re-scanning of the face in the iPhone X

The failure of recognition on your face with FaceID, have users iPhone X currently clicking the power button twice, to put the device in sleep mode and then wake him up, in order to urge the front camera to re-scan their face. But failed to wipe the face with iOS 12, and when asked to enter a code in transit, can only drag up to the process of wiping the face.

2) sets the notification

With iOS 12 will notices each application within a single group, making it easier to access for a specific application or clear the group notifications. Also, it will enable to cancel the reception of notifications from a specific application, drag the notification to the left and then choose the Manage or Manage.

3) easier access to control center on iPad

Access the control center while in any application on the iPad has become a problem in the coming iOS 11; requires drag from the bottom of the screen up, and it was the same gesture used to bring the bar to the Dock as well, there was a trading annoying result from the use of this gesture within any app. But, bringing gestures iPhone X iPad will enable access to the device control from the top right of the screen.

4) automatic packing password third-party applications

The user is not forced anymore to move to the Password Manager for login data account Apple TV when asked to enter different apps, allowing iOS 12 will AutoFill for passwords in third-party applications, will also feature third-party applications to manage passwords, such as 1Pssword lastpass.

5) packing automatic password good once

Of the eagerness of Apple customer privacy, do not allow third party apps to messages; when a message arrives with a password valid for one time use, the user is forced to save her from the notifications or leave the app to the Messaging app, while the iOS 12 proposed code messages that contain passwords that are valid for one or Lucille ratification of two steps.

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