5 platform free to create a chat bot (ChatBot) long Facebook

منصات إنشاء بوت الدردشة

منصات إنشاء بوت الدردشة

Facebook Messenger has become the most important communication tools to chat with friends in the present, so here the company will continue to develop it and market it until it became bigger than just a tool for messaging, but it has become a favorite tool for businesses to connect with their customers, you may find a special officer in the company dedicated to respond to messages coming from the users of the Facebook network.

Use Facebook as a tool to serve customers and communicate with them is smart, but the smartest is to employ a robot to do the job, and that the robots don’t want money, they are obedient and carry out orders without complaining or delay.

Of course we don’t mean robot arms and shape of the external, but the point is that bots are automated which you answer instead of you, a small software that allows the chat bot (ChatBot) or (chat bot or conversation), which is a set of instructions, settings, and presets that allow the bot to respond to interaction in communications with persons who communicate with the company, many of the questions duplicate, a lot of customers communicate in order to get the information ready.

Create Chat bot

There’s two main options to create a chat bot long facebook, the first is that the upbringing of your own (or hire a developer to do it) and then host it in your server, of course will require you some skill of software and self-learning so you can create bots, you can take advantage of the FAQ page primary on Facebook, or learning from external sources is a lot that explain the process from beginning to end (like this series of visual).

The second way (which is what we focus on in this article) is that does not require any background software or technology, suitable for the average user or for anyone who wants to go fast and create a chat bot in a matter of minutes, a cross-platform specialist which offers you the tools to create and manage the Bot and world hosting in the course of the.

Of course no one offers his services Free of charge, but fortunately we live in 2018, where you will find a lot of services that offer the same free of charge in exchange for getting noticed and patch users, the reason for the free some of these services is that they are putting their name and a link to their site in the main menu Balboa Park on your own, which is something mandatory when you use the free version, so they are spreading their name to all the scores of users who receive the messages the bot.

In the following lines, we will explore 5 platforms offer free plans and a free, provides use of its service free of charge but the characteristics are limited, and to whom he wants more he can develop his account and subscribe monthly for the service.

1. Chatfuel

Curious actually to find a service with unlimited to create a bot chat and manage professionally and completely free, but this site offers it, with the possibility to apply the account to the (Pro) to enjoy some of the characteristics of the current and future, but the free version provide you everything you need and more, with a note that the free version would include the name of the service is permanently down menu inside the bot.

This tool is used by big names, can have a look and find some of those via the directory page in the site, supports bots Arabic language well and many of the characteristics of fraud, you can use some of the tutorials posted in the Internet to see how to deal with it and create the chat bot through it, of the characteristics:

  • Infinite number of messages to participants (Broadcast)
  • Automatic responses according to key words sent to the bot (using artificial intelligence)
  • Tool the delicate automatic for both leaves a comment on your post
  • Create messages automatic sequential separation of their in minutes or hours or days
  • Tool to start the conversation with your visitors directly
  • Divide users into groups via the properties (User Attributes)
  • And other characteristics

The paid version includes access to a unique property called (People), a property that allows you to view the list of participants and a lot of details regarding them, and then do some actions to send custom messages to any group of them, is one of the new features, and learn more about them via their blog the official.

Prices start at $ 30 per month if the number of users the bot a thousand people or less, price increases the greater the number of participants in the bot.

2. ManyChat

The site offers a service by the Council of the characteristics is limited, the limitation is not in the number of participants in the bot, but it is in the characteristics of the article, you can review those characteristics of the page of the prices in the official website, but will also mention the name of the service in the main menu of the Bot and in other places (such as a welcome message).

Is the use of so-called information (Tags) to find out more details about participants and users, the system places the automatic marks on all of the Balboa building on some of the acts and activities (Actions) such as people who clicked on the icon or link their message to specific collective, the free subscription allows the use of 10 marks only, but paid not limited. Can also use custom fields (Custom Fields) to add more information and details about the participants.

Paid subscription starts with $ 10 The number of 500 subscribers in the Bot, and increases the amount the greater the number of participants: $ 45 for 5 thousand, $ 65 for 10 thousand subscribers, and so on …

There’s a detailed comparison between Chatfuel and ManyChat can be found via (this page).

3. Flow XO

Features this tool provide a graphical interface to design the bot in a way a planned sequence (flow chart) so that you see in front of you -in fee – how it will be done when the one of them with bots and Exchanging Messages, it also features that it supports and integrates with dozens of external services and ready-made that can be installed on the bot directly to do some specific task when needed.

You can create a Bot and set it up to be ready to work on more of the system services, not just Facebook Messenger (such as term and handed over you or over the web directly) that one of the nurses in this service.

Free subscription allows 500 interaction and communication with users, the paid subscription is calculation is a little complicated, where the price starts at $ 19 per month, and increases depending on the number of active flows that are created, the number of interactions with users.

4. Botsify

You can use this product to create a bot is compatible with plugin automation (Tia) from Amazon, where you can develop skills (skill) special Balboa to communicate with the bots via voice commands directed to the digital assistant (Amazon Echo).

The service can be used for the manufacture of a bot line to Facebook or to the site directly, in order to communicate with visitors to your site and conduct a quick conversation with them, and in the case of the desire for control of communication with the bot robot to mortal man, it will click Quick button from within the bot itself, this is one of the additional features provided by bots.

There’s a free subscription here also, but it is limited, which allows the bot to communicate with 100 users only, but with an infinite number of messages, and provides a lot of characteristics and needs (such as support for Alexa).

5. Engati

One of the platforms that provide free plan also allows you to send a message (or interaction) per month, and paid start from $ 19 for 10 thousand interactions per month, integrated this service with multiple platforms, applications chat and conversation, besides Facebook Messenger, there’s Skype and slack there and Kate and other applications that can create one bot not all.

The service supports the Arabic language, and the properties including the conversion of the inductance to the customer service automatically when the customer wants it, but this feature is available for paid version, and other characteristics.

Finally, was that some of the services and specialized in the creation and management bot chat, which offers a free plan in what you are offering, there are many others, including the platform (Motion.ai), which was acquired and integrated in the platform (Hubspot), and currently is under development and we believe it will be one of the leading platforms in this area.

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