5 new features of privacy settings in Android Q

Think the privacy settings of key features that promote its Google for version x of Android operating system which carries the name of the Android Q and gives users more control over which apps can access personal data, whether it is at the level of the calendar, or geographic location.

Come privacy features new in Android Q in the form of new options to access third-party applications to the data of the geographical location, in addition to focus on the permissions granted to applications.

Note: the tenth version of the Android operating system Android Q is still in the experimental stage so far, is expected to launch the final version of the system this autumn, and, accordingly it is possible to change features often change before the final release.

The following are 5 things you should know about the privacy settings in the Android Q:

The control elements are located as an option in the Settings section under the My: Privacy, Privacy, Location Location, there are five key things we referred to, will be the beginning of the privacy section, where you can control the data that can be accessed by Applications, Services Google.

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The privacy section:

This section contains the controls in the privacy of applications, and existing information on your phone, you can also access the settings activity to your Google account.

1 – Center permissions Permission manager:

In the beginning you’ll find the main feature of the Department’s privacy under the manager option permissions, Permission manager, where there is a list of all the categories of different permissions, along with a list of apps that can currently access to these permissions. For example: there is a section for applications that have requested access to your calendar data, you can click on the calendar option to view applications that have access currently, and those that do not have access, you can activate the app access on or off by clicking the switch button next to it.

5 أشياء يجب أن تعرفها عن إعدادات الخصوصية في نظام Android Q

2 – controls over:

Under the option that carries the name of advanced Advanced, you can also find controls for things such as: the information displayed on the lock screen, and autofill data from Google, and activity, and how you want to deal your device with ads.

نظام أندرويد Q

3. restrict the application of identification on physical activity:

Offers version of Android Q authorization new carries the name of the Activity Recognition, which allows to determine the runtime for applications that need to discover the user’s movement such as: walking, or running, or cycling. It has been designed this permission to give users insight on how to use the data of the sensor device in the settings.

Department geographic location:

4. check in the tracking applications for your site:

One of the most visible changes you will notice immediately after installing Android Q on your device, is the emergence of new options when you open an app that uses your location information. It is now possible to specify the number of times to allow applications access to your location data, as is the case in the operating system iOS the iOS.

Gives version Android Q users more control over data location, through the provision of three options, applications can be up to the geo-location data:

  • All the time All the time: this means that the app can access location data at any time.
  • During use and While in use: this means that the app can access location data only while using the app, in the sense that no application can reach your site if this app was closed or running in the background.
  • Rejection Deny: this means that the app can’t access location data.

5 أشياء يجب أن تعرفها عن إعدادات الخصوصية في نظام Android Q

The site section in the settings; it is the place where you can review applications that do not have access to your site.

5. search for WiFi networks nearby:

Include privacy settings Android Q new controls in the section of the site also, to determine the possibility of the application to search for Wi-Fi networks Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connections nearby, along with the controls of the website Google.

Featuring Android Q new major features that included: major changes in the user interface, such as dark mode, gestures improved, and how to process notifications, as well as to focus on the security, well-being and digital.

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