5 iOS 13, which will make your iPhone more convenient

Every year Apple releases iOS big update full of new features, and every year we are surprised that was not there before. Genuine surprise was the good old tradition, without which no cost, no single release. But sometimes use they carry the innovations outweighs the surprise and the desire to blame Apple for not implemented anything like this in previous versions of the operating system. About such innovation we’ll talk.

Perhaps you have already encountered these features personally, if you already installed the beta version of iOS 13. However, for those who are waiting for the final Assembly of the updates, they will be new.

Password from the mobile hotspot

You certainly have to give Internet services to others from your iPhone. This feature is very handy, except the need to dictate out loud to the user for whom organized the access point, the password for the connection. However, with the new iOS 13 to share the connection, not mentioning the password. It allows you to send to the user that you added to your family, offer to connect instead look for connection and type the password manually.

Swipe on the keyboard

IOS 13, finally, the opportunity to type messages without lifting your finger from the keyboard, but simply moving it from one character. The first observers reported that the function set by swipe works well enough, but, unfortunately, not yet available for the Russian layout. Let’s hope that the innovation will work in Russia, the release of the final version iOS 13.

Connecting the controller from the Xbox or PS 4

It is unclear how Apple managed to negotiate with Sony and Microsoft, but iOS do 13 allows you to connect directly to the iPhone controllers on the Xbox One and Play Station 4. Thanks to them you can play games from the App Store, streaming services like Steam Link and obviously the Apple Arcade. Simply activate the pairing mode on the controller, turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone, then connect them to each other.

The karaoke mode in the Apple Music

Despite the fact that Apple Music had originally been the lyrics, with the release of iOS 13 users became available the karaoke mode. He allows the words to appear on the screen with the speed at which they sound in the song, helping to maintain the rhythm when you sing along with the performer.

Connecting to Wi-Fi from the control center

About this feature, Apple asked for a few years, but she appeared only in iOS 13. With the update users will be able to choose a Wi-Fi network directly to the control center by expanding the list of available connections using the 3D Touch gesture. The same feature is also available when connecting to Bluetooth.

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