5 important techniques in the World Cup “Russia 2018” I know it

Form football is a global industry worth billions of dollars, you have a Windows net entities, media and ad industries products sports and display screens, which is a market dominated by technology, From development in the manufacture of the ball the same clothing the players down to the techniques of imaging cameras and surveillance viewing and control.

In the World Cup “Russia 2018, which opened its games yesterday, 14 June, monitoring of the “buckle” 5 techniques are important to give taste and elegant Special the most important events in World Football: the World Cup.

(1) Technical VAR

You say the idea of using the technique of VAR, which are known as the rulers of the video, on the use of a dedicated team of referees will be the follow-up to his monitors for the games in a room equipped therefore, in the International broadcasting Center in Moscow.

Can to the bathroom in the video room to talk to the referees in the pitch across the sending system depends on the optical fiber, and will be following a 33-camera broadcast of the game on the air, including two cameras, two dedicated to monitor the shopping area, and 8 cameras to view the game at a slow speed and slower, to the right decision in cases of blurred vision have government in the area of the pitch.

Each member of the panel of arbitrators of the video follow-up to a different camera, it seems wise for any errors or the friction of the illegal didn’t notice his government, providing the right opinion when you ask government to help them.

(2) Display Technology 4K UHD virtual reality VR

Provide current tournament for the World Cup in Russia for the first time the service is video broadcast in 4K UHD, after limited trials during the World Cup last in Brazil in 2014, that he has many Display Screens compatible with these technical high quality.

Also available also during the tournament the current technology of virtual reality VR, which is available through the application of BBC Sport VR for example, which will be with the viewer that sits in a special compartment in the stadium.

(3) the technique of EPTS

And EPTS are tested for electronic performance and tracking, which is the innovation FIFA FIFA says on the tablet “tablet”, will be the coach all the teams have access to players stats and video footage in real time.

Will be supplied each team with 3 tablets, including a medical team, and hardware stats about the players, such as data to determine their position on the pitch and pressure, velocity, thanks to the wearable technology which will be worn by the players, and a pair of cameras tracking installed two on the main bored.

(4) The fifth generation Telecom 5G

Got the World Cup to Russia in the very early plans to use the fifth-generation Telecom 5G in the States, however I will say my company Contacts the TMS and Mega phone Megafon, as a partner official communications during the tournament, conducted experiments on the use of 5G during the event.

The importance of the technique of the fifth generation in high-speed high-capacity data transmission, which provide new services that depend on them, such as broadcast Services Video virtual reality VR at an angle of 360 degrees.

The Ericsson Ericsson, in collaboration with the MTS, has announced that the World Cup which will host the largest spread of the technology of sophisticated mobile phones with MIMO, a technology to broadcast wireless with fifth generation, which will cover 40 locations in 7 of the 11 cities hosting the World Cup.

(5) the ball telstar Telstar Adidas

Available Adidas Adidas football industry in the World Cup since 1970, using the event in presenting the latest innovations technical, and in the championship year, offer Adidas soccer ball “telstar 18” (Telstar 18), a new design company claims the global that it improves the performance.

But the most interesting aspect, is the integration of Adidas buy contact near-term NFC, allow the ball to connect to smartphones, the same Technology Services Apple pay Apple Pay and Android eBay Android Pay, and limited its function until now to provide Exclusive information about the products Adidas special events and functions etc, which heralds the imminent arrival of more technical possibilities to the ball which the players race around in a green rectangle.

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