5 important strategies to help entrepreneurs to support their projects with new ideas

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6 استراتيجيات هامة لدعم رواد الأعمال ومشاريعهم بأفكار جديدة

There is no doubt that the most important characteristic of entrepreneurs or successful leaders is the ability to creativity and innovation and how they make of themselves leaders of Special them their unique style, what are the requirements to be met for the transition of employees from the innovative to the commander of the foundation variety and not the idea of his possible vision?

It starts by creating an environment where you feel the staff of your organization feel comfortable expressing their concerns about the direction in which the company, and know that you will take this criticism in the way that they mean it, you won’t have your business able to adapt to the changing times if your voice is the only sound important, but how can you do this?

Here are the top 5 strategies to make you a leader able to support your project ideas great:

1 – we love to see

Dr. Amy Edmondson, professor of leadership and management at Harvard Business School: “always make sure you ask questions that will focus the attention of the staff on the target, this will not be easy questions to be answered yes or no, but give your team the opportunity to carefully and offer something useful to the project, and you have to remind yourself that you are not a scientist in all areas, even your best ideas can be the best by promoting the contributions of others.”

2 – mistakes happen, so deal with it comfortably

Certainly life is not a success series of consecutive but punctuated by a lot of failure prevention, but bypass it and upload it to the success made by the owners of Will Power, if the error or failure represented a step backwards, turning it into success is a step forward to pay the owner for more achievement, so you have to accept this moment and deal with it with ease, and to learn from them so don’t repeat the same mistake again.

3. don’t worry about the table during the discussions

The table can be helpful for your or your project as long as it is in a constructive manner, says Stewart Friedman, Professor in management at the University of Pennsylvania: “it’s important for entrepreneurs to compete with their colleagues about the plans of work of the successful methods of marketing to get the best ways to succeed in management”.

4 – stay away from the style of intimidation in the leadership of your team

If you manage your project and the success with team work it is important to remember that moderation in everything is definitely is very positive and will make you reach the results that you want with ease, the method of intimidation with group work may lead to the aversion of you, and therefore will not get the results that you want from the team, and also the total satisfaction or the charges they may be up to the same thing because the good times don’t last forever, especially in a fast-changing world like the world of entrepreneurs.

5. Don’t ignore employees ‘ ideas

You may not realize you are ignoring employees ‘ ideas of good that may help you develop your project, Leigh Thompson, professor at Kellogg School of management, and co-author of a book entitled Stop Spending, start management: strategies to improve the bad habits, the research on this topic and found that, when solutions come from within the institution are abandoned and the search for others even though they may be the right solution.

Often seen to inner thoughts as a threat, if you are the leader and Idea from one of the staff has related to you that you may become a follower while you’re if heard about the same exact idea of a third party – may be an appropriate institution or one company., when will apply while they are a duplicate, this is the worst thing you could do in the world of entrepreneurs.

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