5 great features in the phone iPhone X

Enjoy phone iPhone X many of the great new features in the world of phones or in series phones iPhone at least, thanks to the radical change which came with the phone to dispense with the button home sensor footprint and the adoption of camera sophisticated sensors for facial recognition, and in this article we review 5 great features in the phone iPhone X. [divider][/divider]

Preview notifications the lock screen just by looking to your phone

We know that in order to maintain the privacy and security is to hide the preview of the notifications on the lock screen allowing the emergence of addresses for notices are generally just like a new message in the messenger instead of the preview of the actual messages, and in Phone iPhone X all you need is to consider Your phone to be checked through fingerprint, facial and show you the preview of various notifications with the possibility to interact with them directly and is fast and secure. It is expected to follow the companies manufacturing Android Phones the same idea after equipping its phones with a similar scanning of the face, it is reported that Qualcomm will make this technique available to all phones that use the Processor Snapdragon 845 . [divider][/divider]

Save time when you log in and ratification of procurement

Feature lets you imprint the face won a lot of the time when you try to log into different password-protected websites, there is no need to re-write the user’s password in every time, and water similar to property log in to sites across the fingerprint. In addition, using fingerprint, face can source energy procurement in various supported apps such as store AppStore for applications with speed and ease. [divider][/divider]

Selfies with Portrait

With iPhone X, you can capture selfies with Portrait which is a product of long research and development, thanks to a performance possible to learn Apple A11 Bionic and Export Wizard IPS device built-in the this technique you recognize the face and determine the depth of the image to the lighting of the picture and add the shadow and lighting effects professional. [divider][/divider]

An easier way to communicate between applications

Apple changed the way the model treaty to switch between open applications in the background of phones iPhone, to be adopted by another faster after the dispense button home phones iPhone X by the drag of the edge of the screen bottom to the right and left to switch between applications in full screen mode. Also available is another way to longer to switch between apps and see the apps open in the background, by pulling air up from the bottom of the screen so the middle of it, then install it even shows the app switcher, and drag left or right to find the app you want to use. [divider][/divider]

Click to activate the screen

Features previously available on Android phones, offering for the first time in the phones iPhone with iPhone X, instead of pressing the button to let the water tap on the screen to be activated and show the lock screen and receiving, as it can lift the phone to activate the screen-a feature available in cell phones iPhone 6 s latest.

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