5 featured in the Galaxy S9 S9 plus you may not know about

Samsung has launched the phone my Galaxy S9 وS9 plus two days ago, and while I didn’t updated the design significantly and most of the specifications, providing updates goes software, here we use 5 of them.

1) Create a similar number using the en Emoji

Come feature en Emoji is similar to a feature name in the iPhone X to allow you to simulate the movement of your face and apply on the cartoon characters, along with classic characters such as Mickey Mouse characters The Incredibles. In addition, you can create like your own digital capture a selfie or image of the animated GIF, with the possibility of amendment on skin color, clothing, hairstyle and color and add glasses, then add photos to the group posters to share from within the keyboard in the talks. [divider][/divider]

2) show a slow movement as a lock screen

Super Slow-Motion allows you to slow down the video to about 32 times, at the rate of 960 frames per second, you can apply effect delay manually by choosing the time or automatically under the expected software for any of the parts can vary slowed down. Add to that the supports the feature of machine learning to develop background music depending on Thea video. Also supports the software to convert the content to image GIF and application restart, or reverse playback automatically. Optionally you can add a video in slow motion, lock the screen, but we currently don’t know the extent of the impact of this option on the battery life. [divider][/divider]

3) put the Live Focus

For the first time with Galaxy, comes shooting mode Live Focus which focuses on the element to be photographed when the rounding of it, but the water available in the Galaxy S9 plus just by virtue of that it comes set up camera set. As is the case in the Live Focus phone Note 8, You can add blur to certain elements in the vicinity of the export displays the status of “Booker”. It’s similar with the feature of the iPhone 7 plus put “porter”, where the label in the Galaxy S9 modify the amount of blur before and after capturing an image. [divider][/divider]

4) filter the place inside the baker.

Adding to the “see Baker,” the camera Galaxy S9 front support workout the makeup before buying it from sephora and other companies, using techniques of augmented reality software firm ModiFace that look realistic, a company that develops applications for L’Oreal and sephora, Estee Lauder, by the way. When you use the camera in bixby, the number of filter components out lined like the filter of snapchat so you can experience dozens of them without obligation. [divider][/divider]

5) support the Android updates fast.

While the Samsung phones more than the phones of any other company in the support Android updates currently, the course will be standards for CASE S9, which supports the project trips to bring updates directly from Google. [divider][/divider]

New features provided by the Galaxy S9 وS9 plus:

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