5 false information about artificial intelligence

With the development of artificial intelligence systems AI in recent years, many of misinformation about it, due to the much talked about without study, and in our article today, we’ll show you the highlights of the misinformation and react to it.

1 – artificial intelligence systems the current is limited versions of artificial intelligence general AGI

Many believe that the artificial intelligence approached or exceeded human intelligence, a great fallacy where it is still far from human intelligence, Intelligence Artificial the year was the catalyst for scientists artificial intelligence since the time of Alan Turing until today to get the intelligence artificial in AGI can simulate human intelligence and even understanding it, which resulted in many technologies and scientific discoveries.

But realistically, in practical applications of artificial intelligence, the scientists do not commit themselves to the forms of pure decision-making, learning, and solve problems at the human, and instead are working on building a practical system as much as possible, for example, the basis of the significant progress in algorithms, which resulted in deep learning systems is a technique called back propagation of any non-proliferation behind this technology doesn’t work, how the brain works.

2. the artificial intelligence has a solution to all problems

Definitely heard some talking about how to move from a problem to another makes artificial intelligence systems smarter, and artificial intelligence system solves problems at the same time, but the reality is different, where you need artificial intelligence systems for planning deep at times in addition to models specially trained to develop their project, in addition to artificial intelligence systems will not be the only place for any solution supported on IQ, they often require many of the components programmed in particular to conform to some so that one or more of the techniques of artificial intelligence.

3 – artificial intelligence is the same Deep Learning Deep Learning

We believe that the term neural networks was beautiful and there was a lot of hopes that bet on its potential to have appeared twice in the standardization and development with professional, and now after solving these problems was the replacement of the term on behalf of deep learning, where stands for the deep layers hidden that we can put in young neurons, and learning to generate models is not in real time, but in off-line and this needs time and tackle large and difficult to achieve in parallel.

In the recent period has been the use of deep learning models in education apps online where learning is applied online, using AI techniques, such as enhanced education, the only disadvantage is the lack of the possibility to take advantage of deep learning models, except in the event that the board used can his experience within the learning period of online, and once you are generating a model, it stays as is and will not be flexible to changes in the application area and a good example is the application of ecommerce where they require seasonal changes or periods of short sales on the websites of ecommerce taking the model of deep learning off-line re-training on new products.

Often systems are supported deep learning groups, a huge of data and therefore the concept says that the models are useful and new breed of a unique data set and bulky.

4 – artificial intelligence relies on a huge database

This is not true, because they rely on accurate data, where it caused much data and inaccurate in the area to the presence of errors in the construction of the systems themselves, and also in many areas become the old data is not important quickly, for example in the market of the stock exchange in New York be the modern data is more important and more valuable compared like with data from 2001.

5 – solve problems that need intelligence to get a monopoly on artificial intelligence

A lot of programs written in clever may seem in their performance that they working with systems of artificial intelligence, but this is not true in the domain, for in spite of the misconceptions about artificial intelligence but the concept is the only correct one is that artificial intelligence will remain a window to the future, although the way is still long before it is used to solve each problem.

Sources: futurism, techrepublic

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