5 Easy and effective ways to increase internal storage space for your phone

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In this article we explain 5 Ways To can increase the storage space on your mobile phone to 100 GB or more , the percentage of increase on which method you will use, which we will in the following steps.


This method is based on integrating the SD card with the internal storage space in this case will handle the phone with self-initiatives on the basis that they memory one storage means if your device depends on the storage space of 16 GB and added the to you external memory card with a capacity of 16 GB, it will become when the internal storage space on your phone by 32 GB.

In such a situation when you download any application from the Google Play Store will not suffer from the problem of the internal storage because it will deal with the self both as a memory storage one will as internal memory.

Integrate the SD card with internal storage space

Log in to slide the storage card you have, don’t waste points on any message will show you . Went straight to the Settings option and look for the storage option you’ll see at the bottom the external storage card.

When you click on them go to the three dots at the top, and then choose the second option “Settings Storage”.

You’ll find the option to create the storage as internal storage. Of course, this process will wipe all existing data in the SD Card and then choose Clear Data and coordination where you will see a screen where if you transfer now or transfer later, if you want to transfer a particular application about external memory select Transfer later and press Next and it was and go directly to Settings and enter the application option and when selecting a specific application you’d like to do the transfer towards the external memory press Storage button and then change the storage capacity of the where we choose the SD card and so is the transport to the SD card .


Depends on the application Degoo which gives us the storage space by 100GB you can refuse to have pictures and videos and any files until you browse these images through the app .

Application Degoo

You should first adjust the settings of the app by heading directly towards the Settings option activation backup via Wi-Fi. You can also do the backup only while charging if you want it.

The most important option is to save the deleted files that you have to do it to protect your files from deletion accidental. Now go to option “more” and this is the most important step where we choose the things we want from the application filed on the storage space of course will be lifting automatically or manually as desired by you.
Access later to your files saved go to the option “my files”.

Link to download the app


Is delete all the large files present in the phone that do not use them effectively and for this purpose we will apply the Big File Locator.
When it is loaded choose the number of files you wish to delete through the search process and in this way will provide the extra storage space on your phone .

Link to download the app
Big File Locator


Are two steps, the first step go directly to the option settings and move to storage option. Then to the choice of the cached data and the pressure here on the option “OK” to clear the temporary files existing on the phone which occupy large areas of internal storage memory.

The next step to go to file manager and then storage of the joint and press on the three dots at the bottom to the left and then click on show hidden files, then search and entering a folder named Thumbnails and update all the files inside it and delete .


Go into the file manager then look for the folder WhatsApp and then save the option to the Media after beating WhatsApp Video then we click on the option to Sent any files sent through the IS account and these files actually do not need them you can delete him, and also the same thing with the folder WhatsApp Audio and WhatsApp Image through the folder Sent and so you get extra storage space

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5 Easy and effective ways to increase internal storage space for your phone

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