5 best apps for professional photography for Android


Camera Canon the new Shiny is the best companion you on camera. So you can use them in the export in every place, the launch of the beautiful pictures uploaded in different places. They work well enough with the right lens, isn’t it? As you can do more by using the Android app right. Where can some check in their camera and make the shots easier to get. But there’s not a lot of options. However, the some good. For the most part, we recommend that persons using the cable, and Wi-Fi when available, SD cards for data transfer to display the content of the camera on another screen. In the next lines to you the best 5 apps Canon Android devices.

  • Camera Connect and Control

Depends Camera Connect and Control one of the best apps Canon. It also works with the brands for the other cars. It also has support for some Sony cameras and the Nikon and GoPro. However, the primary camera is Canon. It is worth noting that most of the nurses do come for free. This includes connection via Wi-Fi or USB, and download files from the camera, and more. Also, there are two Pro versions are different. This is in addition to that version is the cheapest and removes ads and lets you see the EXIF data. It also allows you to full pro version to use your phone as a camera live.

Camera Connect and Control

  • Canon Camera Connect

Canon Camera Connect is one of the two applications Canon official. It App official now. Also you can contact the application of the camera. It allows you to download images, and save them from the camera to your phone. You can also share images remotely from the app, and more. It supports many cameras Canon different. As an app can use some work. But have bought others from the design and development throughout the app. But you should at least attempt to identify it and use it. It is a free application without purchases inside it.

Canon Camera Connect

  • DSLR controller

DSLR controller is an application designed specially for Canon cameras EOS. It is by famed Chainfire the. As to app controlled in the foundation on the camera. Where you can use your phone screen as a watch. You can also take pictures, change settings, miscellaneous and other elements. It’s application is a bit difficult to work with. This Viola Chainfire scans the complete site for information about what can app does and how to use it. It is one of the best apps canon.

DSLR controller

  • Helicon Remote

Is Remote Helicon is the most expensive application of the Canon in the list. Where can perform the basics which can be most of the photography apps tethering apps do . You can capture images, change some settings and direct. You can also capture sequential images with lines showing exposures of different images of style HDR. You can even use it to record video. Operated primary licensing of the individual device vs $ 48. There is also an option for non-limited vs. $ 75. This app is expensive and will not blame you for not wanting to pay it. However, he has the free version of it on some of these nurses.

Helicon Remote

  • other Canon apps

Has the Canon on a variety of other applications on the mobile. This includes a programme for printers software for their printers, and business applications business apps, and maker discs disc label maker app, even the application of a Canon Camera other (EOS Remote). In most cases, the canon applications of a decent sort of their products. In addition, they are all free without in-app purchases. This means it won’t cost you anything to try it. This is usually a good thing.

other Canon apps

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