5 best apps for Apple TV

I demonstrated the Apple Watch as a product is interesting, there are many applications of big names that you can use them on a smart watch, especially after it became the sixth and specifically the fourth version of a smart choice especially for your wrist.

The application Strava

The application Strava is one of the most apps tracking fitness, lower common, it lets you keep track of your level in the sport of running or even cycling, and compete with your friends from all over the world.

If you own a second generation of the Apple Watch, the app can use the GPS geographical tracking of physical fitness without the need to connect the phone by the hour, and it requires with the feature data in the fourth generation, in the interface of the app is to provide important information for you, and in general the app is easy to use on the coast.

The main application areas and key features including the calculation of distance, speed, altitude and calories burned, there is a premium service compared to 5.9 per month provide more detailed information after your workout in addition to personal training.

Campaign to free app: Strava

The application Nike Run Club

The application of the last track fitness, it is from Nike rich from the definition. This application offers features best including integration with voice assistant Siri, which means that the app can suggest times for improvement based on operations of the former.

The app allows tracking exercises permanently thanks to the tracking system to geographic locations, and listen to the music and various sound during the exercises, in addition to providing a range of updates keeps you excited and has the advantages of participation levels in social media sites.

Download free: Nike Run Club

Application of the ECG

I’ve got to apply the ECG with the updated system clock 5.12, which is available free of charge to users of the Apple Watch in the limited areas currently including the United States of America, with the expectation of launching in more countries in the future.

A simple app can save your life. So lets analyze the electrical impulses in your body, which can detect some cases of atrial fibrillation, so that will help you diagnose problems that you might pass it unnoticed, but it is not a substitute for a doctor.

Available via the operating system.

Application Cardiogram

We have seen many cases about the discovery of the Apple Watch for heart problems and save the lives of users, there are useful apps in this side like this app that lets you keep track of the health situation and planning for your heart, so that the measured heart rate every five minutes, and compile that data to give you an idea about your health condition.

Download the application for free: Cardiogram

Game Elevate

There are many studies about the importance of brain training, and whether you believe it or not, there is no doubt that spending time in learning or practicing useful things is better for you than surfing social media sites.

This game improve cognitive skills that have proven they enhance the productivity and strength and self-confidence, and to do this by identifying small tasks for you such as selecting the correct words and calculate percentage and so on.

Correct answers earn you points, and you can follow play on the iPhone or iPad, with a version driven from the game if you want.

Download the game for free: Elevate

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