5 apps for iPhone paid becoming free temporarily (5)

Between now and then have some apps or features paid free for a limited time, here we will have 5 apps available on Sunday 30/12/2019 free in the App Store, knowing that these presentations introduction to the application developers without specifying the period of continuation that does not exceed usually 24 hours.

Looking for tips to improve your English Vocabulary? Whether you are trying to strengthen or expand your vocabulary with the study, or as personal, the key is the commitment to learn new words regularly.

This app lets you learn new words, which entitles you to speak and write more clearly in the future, you will understand your people more easily, and more importantly will increase your consciousness.

Original price 1.99$ – available now for free: click here.

Tadaa SLR

Through the app, you’ll be able to take better pictures with iPhone your, so enjoy features like the focus and colors in addition to multiple filters.

Original price 3.99$ – available now for free: click here.

Ringtones for iPhone

Are you tired of the ringtones for calls and messages in iPhone your and want to change? This app allows that, where owns 500 thousand tones for calls and messages that you can download them to your phone with the push of a button, and use permanently.

The original price of 0.99$ – available now for free: click here.

7 Minute Workout: Lose Weight

7 minutes may be long enough for you as a beginner in aerobics every day, this app lets you exercise during this period, where offers you 12 exercise is people for 30 seconds with a rest period of 10 seconds.

The original price of 0.99$ – available now for free: click here.

PDF Max Pro – #1 PDF app!!!

The application of the last lets deal with PDF files on the iPhone and iPad, including file encoding and expectations we create comments on different paragraphs in addition to audio commentaries.

The original price of 4.99$ – available now for free: click here.

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