5 apps for iPhone paid becoming free temporarily

Between now and then have some apps or features paid free for a limited time, here we will have 7 apps available on Friday, 21/12/2019 free in the App Store, knowing that these presentations introduction to the application developers without specifying the period of continuation that does not exceed usually 24 hours.


Calculator application the idea of beautiful, which features a new interface and more useful than the traditional incubator, so that lets you make accounts on several lines, and using words in addition to numbers, also supports quick calculations, percentages and conversions.

Original price 2.99$ – available now for free: click here.

World Clock Time Today Widget

This app lets you know the exact time in any time zone around the world, with the support of the feature widget that allows quick access to information.

The original price of 0.99$ – available now for free: click here.

Remote KeyPad for Mac

Do you want to convert for iPhone or iPad to your keyboard belonging to the computer Mac? This app allows it, instead of buying a new keyboard, you can get them for free!

The original price of 4.99$ – available now for free: click here.

This app provides everything you need for your accounts personal and business, including recording transactions, a system of credit and debit, so that makes the financial operations easier than ever.

The original price of$14.99 – available now for free: click here.

This app is designed to help the blind and visually impaired, using the technology of artificial intelligence and augmented reality to get a better understanding of the surrounding environment.

Original price 1.99$ – available now for free: click here.

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