5 apps and games augmented reality special for Android devices

Was augmented reality applications that exist before bringing the tool ARCore developers of Android apps, but it wasn’t available in abundance as well as its accuracy and the value of the trade, has launched a Google product to help developers create augmented reality applications and improving their performance.

Google has allocated to support the platform ARCore 13 Android device just at the moment, the two phones “pixel” and”Galaxy S7″ they are newer, not, LG “V30/V30+”, and”oneplus 5″, and a phone ASUS “Zenfone en”.

These devices alone can run augmented reality applications that request support in ARCore, and so the apps rely on the camera to track your movement and bring virtual elements into the environment around you and thus offer an experience never before possible.

In this article we will you more 5 apps interesting based on the platform ARCore in the store Google Play, knowing that work is being done currently to launch other apps more innovative and useful.

Apply Just A Line

It is submitted by Google and you can through it off the camera within the app and then draw a Doodle in your hand, then start filming video and you interact with three-dimensional graphics like reality.

Check Google Play


Game My Tamagotchi Forever

You can through this game with state to live in a virtual city small and meet friends and dance on the health and nutrition state of your, and most importantly to move on to go to bed every night.

Download from Google Play


Game MoleCatchAR

As suggested by the name of the game, they are the embodiment of the game caught on back in fact no more and no less, where all you have to do is hit back as soon as it appeared prior to testing to determine the points, if you want to waste 10 minutes at speed, this game is intended.

 Download from Google Play


Application Amazon

Has become the application delivery from Amazon on updated the last named feature en View Lester brought a range of furniture pieces and products to fact and experience led her real and see her from all angles and on the texture before buying it.

Download from Google Play


Apply Pottery Barn 3D Room View

Helps you to see different designs for your room from all angles with a wide assortment of furniture pieces from Pottery Barn’s famous, and then buy furniture from the same application.

Download from Google Play

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