5 application of correspondent, alternative application BBM on iOS and Android

Announced preorder BlackBerry BlackBerry Canadian on Thursday last to stop running the consumer version of the application by the famous messaging BlackBerry Messenger BBM; by May 31, before this date, users must download the images, video clips, and files that have been shared; because those files will not be available starting from the month of June next.

It was the strength of security application BBM the point marked by the principal, no one denies that the application of the BBM was a major cause in the emergence of freelancing platforms, such as: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, etc.

Absent from the list of messaging apps alternative Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, although both has the features of strong, but a recent report revealed that CEO Mark Zuckerberg Facebook owner – for two – he wants to enable the users of WhatsApp instead, Facebook Messenger, send messages to each other, despite the fact that messaging services – ex Gold – considered separate entities currently.

Ostensibly the idea sounds good, as it works to connect users to the platforms of the three to each other, but when I look good think about this you will see that the privacy of the user will be the price, especially since Messages WhatsApp is encrypted, while messages Messenger enter is not.

Here you find our Wonder; How Will Facebook between the platforms of the three, and the level of privacy protection, which will provide its users? So if security is the primary feature you are looking for in the messaging application, avoid WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger.

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If you are a user of BBM, you will need to select the messaging app that will replace it; because it will stop working soon. as we mentioned, here are 5 apps messaging alternative you can rely on:

1 – BBM Enterprise:

5 تطبيقات مراسلة بديلة لتطبيق BBM على نظامي آي أو إس وأندرويد

After the publication of the news of the closing of the issuance of the BBM app for consumers, BlackBerry announced that a version of BBM Enterprise will be available for personal use for a fee subscription.

There will be versions of the application BBMe for Android operating systems, and iOS, and Windows, Mac and iOS, the service will be free for new users during the first year, and then there will be a subscription fee $ 2.49 $ every six months.

Applications include BBMe all the features of the BBM that I Love users over the past years, for example, but not limited to: voice calls, video, file sharing, in addition to the advantage of encryption from end-to-end.

The app is available on both the stores in Google Play, andiTunes.

2 – the application of signal Signal:

5 تطبيقات مراسلة بديلة لتطبيق BBM على نظامي آي أو إس وأندرويد

Considers the application of the Signal an excellent alternative to the development of BBM especially for those looking for privacy and security, where it’s the most secure app among all the messaging apps other is owned by a Organization software Open Whisper Systems, the as that app you recommended Edward Snowden Edward Snowden, the famous defender of privacy, and the former employee at US National Security Agency.

The reason that the Signal is more applications safer; it is due to the use protocol encryption so-called “Signal Protocol” to provide encryption from end-to-end for voice calls, video calls and instant messaging conversations.

As the app lets you create encrypted sets, so that you can have private conversations safe, with all your friends at one time.

The app is available for free on all of the stores in Google Play, andiTunes.

3 – application Telegram:

5 تطبيقات مراسلة بديلة لتطبيق BBM على نظامي آي أو إس وأندرويد

The application Telegram Telegram one of the messaging apps most actively traded and widely used, it is the application of reporter cares about privacy, and easy to use and free, the most important characteristic Telegram is a sync feature instant messages across platforms various operating.

The application also supports the feature of the conversations encrypted, for those interested in maximum privacy, the app supports a feature that allows secret messages to Secret Chats, and messages self-destruct on both devices of the participants. This way you can send all types of content securely, both messages, photos, video clips, and even files.

You can send files of any type (doc, zip, mp3 etc) without any restrictions on the type and size, in addition to the possibility to create groups up to 200 thousand people.

As the app lets you create a bot the Bots to perform specific tasks, as service requires phone number to register, but don’t share your number with contacts.

The app is available for free on all of the stores in Google Play, andiTunes.

4. application of iMessage:

5 تطبيقات مراسلة بديلة لتطبيق BBM على نظامي آي أو إس وأندرويد

The platform features iMessage messaging from Apple TV is easy to use, as long as you use the products of Apple products, and in order to get the most out of iMessage, not only need to Apple TV device, but it must be people who will talk with them using your Apple devices also.

If you trust Apple more than any application developer freelancing a third-party, the application of iMessage is the option best suited to you, as it offers encryption from end-to-end, and with the apps, iMessage and and FaceTime FaceTime built-in Apple devices, you can enjoy the security, privacy, and many of the advantages that are not offered by messaging apps competition.

5 – application of the Hike:

5 تطبيقات مراسلة بديلة لتطبيق BBM على نظامي آي أو إس وأندرويد

Depends application to Hike a good alternative to the development of BBM, where he gained recent widespread to its advantage to protect the privacy of its users via full control of the can know the last time I opened the app, and can see your account picture, and customize your. Support the development of a hidden allows you to hide the chat, and access secret using the password.

You can through the app to create groups with up to 1000 members, and stay connected with them all, and share videos and photos Big Size, without compression, files of any type (DOC, MP3, Zip etc.).

The application also supports the feature of Timeline & Stories that allows you to capture the best moment of the day, and share them with friends.

It also provides a Hike of more than 20 thousand poster Stickers, 11 template colorful Chat Themes; to change the pattern of your conversation so that they fit in perfectly with your feelings is different, with regard to the participation file; it can send video files, photos, music, in addition to the voice notes which size up to 100 MB.

The app is available for free on all of the stores in Google Play, andiTunes.

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