5 Android games new, fun (20)

Join dozens of games to the store of Google Play every day, but few of them what features experience enjoyable, here’s 5 new games fun have emerged over the past week:

“5 Android apps-new fun (19)
“Games Android new and fun (19)
“Android apps nominated for awards Google (2019)


The game is a series of puzzles asking to arrange the stones of the laser and moldings and mirrors in a specific order so that the reflected laser on the stones coloured.

Football game with different flavor, where the composition of the group of animals you can use them by assembling the cards, and different elements of the team affects the way you play, you can think its similar to Clash Royale football to some extent.

The game consists of puzzles are easy to filter, all you need is the management of the dough that resemble the maze to drop the balls to the tube underneath.

The game launched a year ago but with a different name, but the official launch didn’t know only days before with the beginning of the second season, it seems a ploy of the developer to get media coverage, but in truth, the game is worth, they are combat game multi-player, offers a wide assortment of weapons and advanced options so to develop a person’s appearance.

It is a game worth the story series anime of the same name and is about team vocals touring the world and compete for the theaters, the characters don’t abilities of the lyrical unique, you have to use wisely to provide better performance than competitors.

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