5 Android games new fun (16)

Join dozens of games to the store of Google Play every day, but few of them what features experience enjoyable, here’s 5 new games fun have emerged over the past few weeks:

“5 Android games new and fun (15)
“5 Android apps-new fun (16)

The Brown Dust

Fighting game online provide 300 characteristic personality can upgrade all of them to the final level of the fear of the challenges to overcome the mightiest of adversaries, to facilitate the task in the game is recommended to run with players from around the world, as you can test your ability to a duel player vs player. Although the global expansion of the game’s only been about two weeks I got the game on more than a million download and the value of 70 thousand user mark 4.5/5.

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9PM Football Managers

You say in this game create your club from the logo design and even the management of the club and to oblige the players to run daily workouts to enhance their abilities, which play the role of coach and manager of the club, and like any team, an emerging start of a periodic low-grade and can be successful each season to ascend to the elite league in the end. To motivate you to exercise by yourself, you can improve the health status of players (ingame) to walk daily (in the real world) a certain distance and the phone is in your pocket, where the application supports the feature to track steps.

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Monsters with Attitude: Online Smash & Brawl PvP

In this game you must download monster you choose to tackle the monsters of other players from around the world, in initiatives to up the number of competitors in which 8 players Max to be the winner of the last finally.

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Wonder Park Magic Rides

The game exists for young people where they can create a garden games as their favorite and then serve the visitors to win their admiration and get a contractor to help them in the development of the park.

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LYN: The Lightbringer

A fighting game type role-playing based on the story, after 200 years of brutal war between the world of light and dark, began to stream and drainage flow again, you need to form a team from superheroes and face the villains to restore order to your world.

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