5 Android games new and fun (3)

Every week join the hundreds of games to the store Google Play, This was the best 5 during the past week:


Launched FIFA demo version of the game the new season of football, this version offers a small part of the game in their final image, maybe you want to learn it before the full launch of the game, knowing that the data that motivate it through the demo version will not be available with the full version, which will begin the composition of your experience of the new.

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2) Piffle

Developed game the same team, Crossy Road, A of games cracking the stone, and corrected the what is known as “Piffles”; like the game Ballz so much.

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3) Badland Brawl

The latest version of Badland is somewhat different from previous versions, leaving a like free version emulator of the game Clash Royale; the graphics are good but gameplay experience is similar to any another clone of the game Clash Royale.

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4) Skyward Journey

The developer of the game Data Wing , which is undoubtedly one of the best games 2017 is the same developer of the game Skyward Journey that penetrates her idea without a way to play; instead of the race to win, in the game the new rational flock of birds away on the screen, the goal is to make the bird flying in circles around objects parked on the islands, increasing the number of birds. And of course there’s more to discover in the game.

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5) Zentris

For games famous Tetris, instead of building two-dimensional, in this game you control the fall of a stone building three dimensionally, and objective one; the disruption of the construction and composition of a whole row of stones.

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